GB4 29er frame

I just recieved a 29er frame from George Barnes today.
—Machined bearing caps
—Laser cut crown and rear gusset
—Laser cut “GB4” logo in rear gusset
—V-brake bosses
—One inch ID seat tube
—One inch OD seat post

George Primered it for me and I’ll paint it tomorrow. I’ll post more pics tomorrow after the paint drys and I assemble it. I think I’m going to paint it yellow or orange.

cheers… Mojoe

Woops…, Sorry for the huge pic. I guess I didn’t resize that one.

Here’s a side view.



And here’s a back view.



very nice,is this a prototype or a custom order?

what size seat tube does it take?

Holy cow, look at that welding job. That is beautiful.


It’s George’s first 29er frame, but he just built himself a muni frame that looks just like it. He has the crowns and Gusset/arch laser cut with his logo laser cut into it.

The seat tube is for a 1 inch/25.4mm post, though he could probably make them bigger. He made me a 1 inch post too. he said he had the crowns laser cut with the hole for the 1 inch ID seat tube. Ask him about making one bigger. You were wanting a 27.2 seat tube 29er weren’t you??

It looks much more cool in person. Can’t wait to get it painted tomorrow and take it for ride.


you make it sound like they are availible for purchase,are they?

George said he had some laser cut crowns on hand, so he could, hypothetically, make more. I think he’ll be gone next week on a trip, so you may want to ask him about it before he leaves.


Re: GB4 29er frame

Orange :slight_smile:

Metallic orange! That’s what I was originally going to paint mine.


That is very , very nice. Are you sure you don’t want to have it powder coated? It really deserves more than Rust-o-leum :slight_smile:

Nice welds. Nice clean machined bearing holders. Orange or yellow? Why not both? Why not one red fork, an orange crown and seat tube, and one yellow fork? I like color transitions. They suggest speed.

Got it painted today. The painting went well until I clear coated it. The clear coat crinkled the paint in some areas. It looks good from a distance though.


another view


another pic


another pic


a tired looking Mojoe


Mojoe on the grass

Mojoe walking the beast

Color coordinated! Looks great. Is that a corn field behind you? They don’t grow corn in Iowa do they?