GB handle vs Reeder

I’d like to get a better handle for Muniing but I’m having trouble deciding between the GB handle vs the Reeder handle.

How would they compare in terms of:

*Strength and crashability

I’m not too concerned about handedness although I do like to rest both hands on my miyata handle when grinding up long steep stuff. I think the GB would work better than the Reeder for that?

Also, I would like to fit my wilder bracket + a brake lever at some stage. How easily would a lever be reached? And how exposed will the lever be to crashes?



Buy the stiffening plate that is pre-drilled for all the different types of handles. Purchase the GB and the Reeder. Ride with both of them for a while and see which one you like. Sell the one you don’t like for a small loss, and be happy.


I make both of the handles you mentioned. I have logged many hours on both. The Reeder will suit your off road needs better than the GB handle, because that’s what it was designed to do.

The GB handle is intended for Cokers and long distance unicycling, where you want to take some of your weight off the saddle.

Both handles will work with a brake lever, I attached a picture of the Magura lever installed on my muni. It’s very easy to reach the lever with a finger or two.

The handle does a good job of protecting the lever in falls; it hits the ground before the brake lever can. Another way to prevent lever breakage is to leave your lever somewhat loose on the mount. Not excessively loose, just enough that it can rotate about the mount in the event that it does get hit.

If the handle is going on a plastic Miyata seat, definitely invest in the Miyata stiffener plate available from (it may not be on their website yet).

For more information about both handles and the stiffener, see my website:


I ordered the GB handle today. I placed the order over the phone because the stiffner plate was not shown. The person told me that the plate was free. Is he confused with something else? If so please let me know so I can clue him in before he sends the stuff without the stiffner plate.



Yes, they were confused. What they sent you for free was a Miyata Handle plate. This is a small plate that sits inside of the Miyata handle to help stiffen the handle up and also serves as a “washer” should you tear up the handle trying to remove the OEM bolts.

You can see what I’m talking about on my website:

You’ll need to contact and get your order straightened out. I’d recommend talking to John or Amy, if they are available.

I’ve written up some instructions for mounting the stiffening plate. These will eventually be included with the plates when they come from I wouldn’t count on that happening this early, as they have not yet listed the plates on their website. For those of you who can’t wait to get started, I’ve hosted them here:

I will call them in the morning. Thanks George. And thanks again for your contributions to the sport.


Cool, thanks for the replies.

I think I’ll get both of them. The GB looks really cool so I might have to build myself a road uni to put it on to.