GB Handle for my 29er?

Unless you are a very seldom forum reader, most of you must know about my Yuni 29er birthday wish. So if you do, great. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter. So here’s that sitch: when I ride bigwheelers (aka the one time I did at a uni meet), I seemed like I could get more speed if I was holding on to something. Because of the Viscount saddle on UniBrier’s coker, I didn’t have a lot of room to hold anything. Soooo, that is my worry for my new 29er; what will I hold onto other than the dinky KH handle? As you probably already know from the subject line, I was thinking of getting a GB Touring Handle. Do you think this is a good desision or will it just be a useless thing that adds weight? Thanks in advance!


Cross your fingers for me getting the Yuni on October 11th!!! :smiley:

I am soooo psyched that if I get it I’ll have like a trillion pictures for you the first day I get it!!! Wahhoooooo!!!

Dang, I wonder what I’ll do if I don’t get it? Probably just save up so I can get it anyway… :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you think I’ve done enough PSes?

I definitely noticed I could go faster with the GB4 handle on my Coker than before I had it. you can kind of lean forwards more, and pedal faster without even noticing. it’s totally worth it.

Yeah, the GB is nice. I used it once. But if it were me, I wouldnt bother, the KH is good enough.

Yeah I never take my hands or hand off the GB4 handle on my coker. I find it helps a TON on getting up huuge hills surprisingly, enough, and acts as a brake somewhat; when going downhill i pull up on the handle and it steadys my pedalling and slows me down.

I feel so unstable when Im not holding it.

Get it, its definately worth the $45, but keep in mind it would be pretty hard to put it on a KH seat. you would have to drill new holes and stuff.

when i’ve ridden 29ers, i’ve found a reeder handle to be enough, but then again i’ve never gone more than about 10 miles. for cokering the GB4 is a must though. but again, i’ve only done 10-ish miles in one sitting.

A GB handle on a 29er would be nice for road riding, but definitely not necessary. The standard KH handle is quite sufficient for 29er’ing. Also you’d have to undertake some serious saddle surgery to mount it on a KH saddle, unless you’ve got a carbon fibre base already. I recall reading somewhere in these forums that seat flex can be a problem for the GB/standard KH saddle combination.

Yeah a stiffener plate works just as well, but is a little more heavy.

that’s true, for a normal plastic base a GB4 handle is a little too heavy. but they have the GB4 miyata stiffener plate, which is what I have on my coker’s miyata seat, and it works fine, it’s just really heavy. not a big deal though.

Yes, but will the GB stiffener plate work with a KH saddle? They are designed to go in Miyata saddles.

they will, there’s a ton of holes in it to be used with any type of saddle.

What would be the use of a KH handle? Just to hold onto, or to djust your seat placement, or for stability and better pedaling power? It seems like the standard KH handle would be a little to small to really lean on, but I might be mistaken and change my mind once I try it. I can’t wait for the excitement of getting a new uni; it’s beats just one or two new parts any day! :sunglasses:

Re: GB Handle for my 29er?


Actually, after th original P.S. it should be P.P.S. not P.S.S.

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No! They won’t work, though a kh compatible version is in the works.

I thought it said somewhere that there’s holes drilled for a KH…oh well…

Nope. Because everyone feels the need to invent their own bolt pattern (and bearing size), they’re not compatible. The curve of the KH base is also pretty goofy, so that’s a problem too.