All good riders seem to have these and any one who does muni seems to think they are the dog’s buy why are the such good tyres?

I am far from being an expert rider, however, I have found that Gazz tires are not the best in muddy situations. The tires accumulate a lot of mud on the side of the tire - which eventually wedges between the side of the tire and the frame until the wheel locks up.

Good question… probably because it weighs lots! There are plenty of people who think the halo contra a.k.a the Duro Wildlife is better(and lighter) but it’s all opinion

For pure mudding, I found that a more narrow 24x2.10 $7 tire from Walmart works much better. While it says “Duro” on it, you will only get about 20 miles on pavement before you wear it bald at 6 and 12. I run this tire with very low pressure with no problems.

On dirt, hardpack, gravel and dry grass the Gazz seems better (not so much in performance but in “ride”). I have seen it work extremely really well at grabbing when only the edge (1/3) of the tire is in contact with the ground (good for riding skinnys). But, after having my wheel lock up - I am afraid to run the Gazz through mud (which happens a lot where I ride).

Personally, I am going to go buy another 24" tire from Walmart and run it. I will probably put the Gazz on for MOAB. At 1/7 the price, it is not so expensive to ride on pavement for miles while still being able to ride offroad when the sidewalk runs out and the street is too dangerous. It’s a tire anyone (who isn’t sponsored) can afford to abuse.