I heard that the Gazzaloddi tires were being/are discontinued. Is this true?! If so, is there anything that can compare!? I’m willing to pay more if I have to, but it would be really bad to see such a nice tire go away!

I think the 24x3 Gazz is going to be back.

Here is a thread from Rod Wylie “The Munieer” that the 24x3 Gazz will be back in production next year.
But the 24x3 Gazz is still missing from Nokian’s web page
They better have the 24x3 listed there in time for next season.

YES! that is indeed good news! Seeing the pic on that second link made me take a deep sigh of relief. I need to buy at least a few, in the near future! Seeing how wide the 3.0 is ( i have 2.6 gazz right now) it makes me wonder: Riding at low enough pressures, might it be EASIER to ride rails then narrow surfaces? Sort of the rim on a wire effect… Seems like the pressure of SUCH a narrow pole would push in the tire, creating a valley that would be harder to steer out of… Maybe it’s possible for me to rail ride after all…

Re: Gazzaloddi?!?!

After a few weeks of testing im happy to report that I am very happy with the Intense 24 x3 tire. Very stiff sidewalls and great cornering traction. Much better than that shotty Kujo.