Gazzaloddi Resurrection

I had all but given up on getting a new Gazz, when i found that in USA and the UK have them.

Roger emailed me and said that his importer has no news of a stop in production. He has stock.

A phone call this morning to Rebecca at showed 16 in stock.


Its very strange, Its almost as though the UK has an infinite stock! Every bike shop (online) still has them, and Roger got me one a few weeks ago… I thought I’d have to go for something else but you can’t avoid them over here.


I don’t see whats wrong with using the Widebite, Leopard, or Kujo 24x3" tires… the difference is almost unnoticeable. The Gazz is an awesome tire, no doubt. But if all-of-a-sudden the Gazz was unavailable, I’d move on within seconds.