Gazzaloddi problem??

I have a 24x3 gazz on a sun doublewide rim. My rim is true but the tire still leans or bulges to one side in a particular spot or spots. Eventually the bulge starts rubbing the frame which gets real annoying but usually not bad enough to stop the wheel from spinning completely.

When i first built the wheel (or the bike shop did) the original gazz rubbed real bad from the getgo. So they returned it and got my current one. At first things were fine, but eventually developed another bulge.

Ive tried re-seating the tire, changing tubes, rotating the tire, and even putting dish soap on the bead.

I have to play detective and see if there are any patterns as to where the bulge(s) develop.

Has anyone else had this problem? :frowning:

(I know one other fella that had this problem but his solution was to weld his frame so it had better side clearance. That didnt help me much.)

That sucks. I have a similar setup, 24x3 Gazzaloddi on a Sun Doublewide. The rim is almost true (I took it into the bike shop and they did the best they could) but the tire is not beaded perfectly. I think the bulge is near to where the valve is. I tried letting the air out, and pushing the valve in and then pumping it up, but I could not pump it up without having the valve poking out first. I enquired at the bike shop and they said heavy downhill tires can be difficult to get sitting perfectly, and they didn’t think they’d be able to fix it for me. I expected to be experts at it so I was not expecting to have a bulge (I’ve haven’t taken the tire off yet). Lucky for me the Wilder frame I use has huge clearance and there is no rubbing, and the bulge doesn’t affect me, apart from people sometimes notifying me of the buckled wheel (which is actually the tire). I’m just leaving it how it is since it doesn’t bother me too much. Good luck in fixing your rubbing problem Mango. Hopefully someone will have some tips on how to get it on there good and proper.

I have a half-worn spare Gazzaloddi tire which I bought cheap from Tony Melton. I am not looking forwards to changing it over if it’s going to give me problems.

Re: Gazzaloddi problem??

How old is the tire? Or have you jumped on pointy rocks or something like that. I just thought if there’s some of the steel wires or belts (or what ever people call these) are ripped. I really am no expert at this but that might be it. My own tire has about 3 mm wobble on it when you watch it rolling, but this doens’t cause any rubbing. And I think my rim is straight, but it’s not the recommended width.