Gazzaloddi G UST & 150 cranks

I just bought a Gazzaloddi G UST tire from I was wondering if anybody has used this tire. I bought it for my 26" muni. The tire is really light. It’s a 26" x 2.6" and weighs only 795 grams! I figured it would feel alot lighter than my Gazzaloddi 3.0 tire that weighs like 1500 sumpthin grams.

And i also bought 150 cranks to go with the tire.How does a 26" Muni feel with 150 cranks? Can u still do good muni alright? Or is it sluggish and hard for uphill?

150s might be a little short for technical trails, but im sure for xc riding it wouldn’t be too bad.

Isn’t that light, is 1400g.

The 795g one must be the 2.3" folding one.

The gazz jr 26x2.6 is a good tyre this looks similar if a bit less chunky so should be okay.

150 cranks will be fine. There isn’t much difference between 150 and 165s that a few minutes of practice on the other crank size won’t sort out.


yup the tire is around 1400, i just thought of that.

since when is a folding bead cheaper?

why’d u get a UST Gazz, are you gunna try a tubeless setup??

You dont have to run it tubeless. Its capable of running tubeless. That brings me onto another question, has anyone tried a tubeless tire for Muni? It seems it would be to absorbing for hops.