Gazza in snow?

Has anyone got experience on riding in snow with Gazzaloddi. Winter is coming and I’d like to how well does Gazza grip in snow and ice. In here it snows quite a much.

The Gazz works good in snow. Here are some pictures from a while back.

cheers… Mojoe

The best tire for snow are the Mud3 from Michelin. I use it on my bicycle for downhill and jump in the snow. They are only in 26". It is also a very good tire for mud and slippery conditions.

You can see here the Michelin Mud3

I find the 24" baby gazz works well for snow. You may want to lower your tire pressure a bit to get a bigger footprint but be careful when hopping so you don’t pinch flat.
I love winter…:smiley:

I rode my 24" Gazz on the snow last spring and I found that it grips well on the snow. Like others here I lowered the tire pressure.

Ice is a little different story even with the bigger foot print. At cold temperatures (below freezing) the ice sticks to the tire better than at warmer temps where a thin moisture layer may be standing on the ice. In either case it can be slippery. IMHO it depends on the temp and the texture of the ice.

Have fun!


I was also considering on buying an studded tire for my unicycle but I haven’t yet found any 24" size.

Mountain snow unicycling is awesome. I can’t wait to go back for another ride on the Skifields. It is fun going downhill, I don’t think you would have much luck (or grip) going uphill though. I have a lame video of me riding Stratford skifield last time. We didn’t get much video footage since we didn’t bring a video camera. BTW what codec do I need to view avi files? I can’t seem to play Mojoes avi videos.

edit You need quicktime to view the .mov video I linked to.

I found the Gazzaloddi worked ok (without lowering the pressure any more than normal) considering it’s only got a small point of contact, compared to a snowboard. I never managed to stay on too long, but it was fun. I wouldn’t want a narrower tire than 3", even though the Michelin Mud3 does look grippy.

mountain unicycling.jpg

I’ve ridden the gazz on slick ice and it was interesting to say the least. Although I suspect it does as well as any other non-studded tyre.


i cannot wait to try out my 3" arrow racing tire in the snow

i just hope we get some in DC!

Nice to see Max riding instead of sitting in a wheelchair. :angry: :frowning:

Great Pics of snow riding Mojoe. --chirokid–

I personally prefer riding on glare ice. I really hope we get a good snowfall this year, 'cause I’d love to do some trials in the piles of snow on the sides of the road.

Glare ice, slick ice, that sounds good. Definitely going to try it when winter comes. Maybe I won’t go for the studded tire at all.