Gazz vs IRC Kujo

Hi -

Just installed an IRC Kujo 24 x 3.0 on an Alex DX32 rim. There was a Gazz 24 x 3.0 on there so I thought it might be useful to take a few measurements of the Gazz before removal and the Kujo after installation. I took two measurements with both tires inflated to 20 psi - the casing width and the “depth” of the tire including the rim. In all cases I measured between the knobs to get the dimensions of just the casing. Here’s what I got:

_______width ________depth _______weight

Gazz ___2.720" _______3.145" ______1570 g
Kujo ____2.630" _______3.045" ______1370 g

My experience with bike tires is that they will “grow” slightly after a week or so of riding. Maybe the Kujo will grow a little bit too.

The sidewalls on the Kujo are lighter than the Gazz. I’ve always had to use tire levers to install the Gazz but the Kujo went on the rim by hand. I haven’t ridden the new tire yet so can’t say anything about that.

There’s a couple new pictures showing the Kujo here:

The Kujo cost $38 and came from here:

Steve Howard

I just picked up a Kujo 24x3 but I haven’t put it on the rim and tried it out yet. I saw the tire at a local DH oriented bike shop. The Kujo looked like it might be a good urban and slickrock tire because of its rounder profile than the Gazz.

The suggested pressure on the sidewall of the Kujo says 30 to 50 psi while the Gazz says 15 to 29 psi. The lighter sidewalls on the Kujo are probably the reason for the higher suggested pressure. It will be interesting to find out what the optimal psi turns out to be with the Kujo.