GAzz owners


I took my Muni into have the wheel trued. When I looked at the top of the tire when it rotated, it looked like the tire was out of true at least a 1/4 inch.

I pick up the Muni, and the LBS says, that the tire is out of true, not the rim.

I have been riding a Gazz (24" x 3.0) for over 5 years and never had this problem. I have checked the seal on the side wall and the distance up from the bead is the same all the way around on both sides.

The tube has never been patched.

Any one have any experience with this and what causes it?

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My first Gazz had a distinct out of true spot. If memory serves though, I also think that it didn’t seat completely at one spot of the bead no matter how hard I tried so that was part of the reason.

I still have it, will take a look at it again and post an update if I see anything different.

My new Gazz is true.

That seems to be a common problem with the gazz, at least in my experience. It seems that any drop of more than 5" will cause the tire to distory and become “wobbly” and then the only way to get it close to true again is to let some air out, smack the tire down all around, then pump back up.

I think most of the problem is that the tube inside cannot fully support the huge volume of that tire, plus it’s got such a tall profile (and very thin, weak sidewalls) it just gets “distorted” easily. Since switching back to the duro I have not had this problem. Btw, the distortion occurs even with a 3.0 DH tube.

I had this problem with my first gazz as well. The tire started rubbing the frame so I thought the wheel needed truing, the LBS said it was the tire. When I took the tire off it was obvious there was an issue with it.

I’m not sure if it’s a Gazz only thing or not… I wouldn’t think so, maybe just more obvious with a gazz because of the volume?

This problem has never happened to me with any of my Gazz tires.

Probably a problem specific to a certain batch of tires. Maybe a problem with the tire casing not holding properly or a problem with the different layers of the tire not bonding properly. IOW, a defective batch of tires. It is not something that happens with every Gazz.

I will try Terry’s suggestion and see what happens.

This tire is one of three I bought about 3 years agomaybe longer. Bad batch? I doubt I would ever know.

They have been sitting on the floor in my garage all this time. I have two left. Maybe it’s time to just put on a new one, but I would rather not, the tread on the tire is still good.

On the up side, I have been able to ride on it all this time - mainly single track with 2 to three foot drops, and seldom a skinny on the trail. I just wonder if it effects riding skinnies less than 6" in diameter, which I practice on, occasionally in my driveway. Worse case scenerio, is I ride it into the ground.


the same thing happened to me. I had replaced my tire once on that uni. It is all tweaked (and still is). I think it just needs to be adjusted where it is sitting on the rim.


Does a Gazzalodi sit really loose on the rim? Or is it really hard to remove like a Trials tire?

I have a Stout 26" Tire and a DX32 sitting beside me that is equally as hard to remove and replace as a Creepy Crawler.

my Gazz (26X3) is really tight on my DX 32 rim, broke some plastic tire levers removing it once, other than that I have had zero problems with this tire and think it is great