Gazz on the road

I noticed in a lot of threads that people say 3" Gazz’s don’t work on the road.

I ride on the road a lot with my Muni and it seems fine, much more able to cope with curbs/bumps than anything I’ve ridden with a thinner tyre.

My tyre is a 3" Halo Contra, and I have deduced from previous posts that it is slightly smaller/lighter than the Gazz, and has a rounder profile.

I may like it because, as I have mentioned before, Sheffield is a bit like a Muni course, with its hills etc, so I expect that if I lived somewhere flatter I’d end up using something other than a Muni to get round on.

Does anyone else find their Muni to be good for the streets?

And when people say the Gazz is not good on roads, is it a problem with the Gazz specifically, or will all 3" Muni tyres?

Part of the reason I’m asking is to determine whether to buy a Gazz or another Halo for the next tyre.

I should also point out that I’m aware of what roads do to the knobbles on these kind of tyres, but my Halo has been bald for some time now and is still going strong (possibly that’s why I’m not having problems on the roads cos it’s effectivly a slick tyre now).

I prefer my 3" contra for riding on sloped roads than my 3" fireball… the contra is quite round so doesn’t have the problem of slopes. Riding the much squarer fireball along a camber can be hard work as it’s difficult to keep the uni upright.

I’ve never ridden a Gazz, but I presume this is similar, having a similar square profile.


I have a 3" Gazz on my MUni and I am one of those that complain about riding the Gazz on the street. I usually run low pressure (16 psi) and it is a slug on the pavement. If I raise the pressure for less rolling resistance, it seems to wander and is a lot of work to keep it going in a straight line. When you put it in it’s element (dirt) it is very predictable and the lower pressure adds quite a bit of “cush”

I think the Gazzaloddi handles ok on the Road it just goes slowly compared to on dirt tracks. It seems to take heaps of effort to reach top speed and maintain it on the road, and you usually end up just cruising. What concerns me is the price of riding there. Offroad the rubber is sure to last for ages, but on the road it will wear down faster. The Gazz 24"x3" is US $55 from but importing it to New Zealand would cost an extra US $86.80 + GST. At the local bike store they can not replace Gazzaloddi tires but they have some 24"x3" replacement options varying from NZ $60-$100. A BMX tire for 24"x1.75" costs around $12 to replace. I like having the square profile of the tire and I do not look forwards to replacing it with a rounded cheaper alternative. Its hard to resist riding on the road because they lead you everywhere including to the offroad tracks.


I think you can get it much cheaper from the NZ importers.

Ground Zero


I have a 26"x2.6" Gazz on my Muni. I find it great! It is great on road, and off road. I didnt feel the need to get a 3" Gazz, and would recomend the 2.6" to anyone!


Thanks for the link Ken. I checked out the site, they have 26"x3" tires for NZ $115 which is far cheaper than importing one (which I wasn’t considering doing). I couldn’t see any 24"x3" tires but they could probably get them. My point was comparing the $12 tires with the expensive ones ten times the price when riding them on the road. I can spin around on concrete as much as I like on my old unicycle but with my new Gazzaloddi (which still has plenty of life in it) I think twice about spinning on concrete. I am in no hurry to turn my tire into a slick one like Dave’s.