Gazz 26"

Can anyone tell me the exact width of a 26" by 3" Gazz?
I’ve searched all over, but as far as i can remember, can only find the measurements for a 24"

The Gazz 26x3 is the same width as the Gazz 24x3. The exact width will depend on what rim you put it on.

Thanks for the advice, just wasn’t sure if there was any difference, u know what tire companies are like with innacurate measurements…

Go to the Toronto Unicyclists home page and then find the blue
highlighted words that say Fat Tires.

This has a list I think that inlcudes weights and widths of many tires.

Work the maze.

Getting accurate widths of tires is quite difficult. As John Childs notes, the rim width makes a lot of difference.

As well, I find that tire manufacturers often brag about their statistics. I think someone mentioned that American manufacturers overestimate their girth by 20-30% and British manufacturers (Monty and Onza) underestimate by 10%. Is this a statistically significant cultural difference?

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