Gazz 24x3.0" discontinued? [rumor]

While out riding this weekend (all the way up Old Railroad Grade on Mount Tamalpais, down along the ridge trails; outstanding!) I ran into a downhill biker who claimed that the Gazz 24x3.0" was discontinued this week. Has anyone heard anything about this?

[He also said that the Gazz tires pretty much suck for downhill biking, which could explain why.]

Yeah, I was just wondering that myself. I haven’t been able to find the 24 x 3.0 Gazz on their website for a while.

[Related item - the Savage at UDC is now marked as Duro on the website. They bought the last vestages of the Duro from Arrow racing. So, if your looking for the old Duros - they gott em]

Deja vu all over again.

Can someone with industry connections confirm whether or not this is true. We had this rumor once before a few years ago and Nokian brought them back.

They’re not a great tire for downhill bikes but they are good for the folks riding bikes on the snow. I’ve been hopeful that the tire would stay around for the snow bikes and for the munis. Some freeriders using hardtail bikes also like the 24x3 Gazz. Not the biggest market but it is a market that really likes the tire.

I’m going to have to check my parts closet. I think I’ve got 3 spare Gazzs in there.

Department of redundancies department:D .

For everything but snow riding and muni, lets face it, the gazz does suck. Ask any serious biker, 99/100 will tell you it’s an awful tire. Then again, most 24x3.0 tires are considered crap.

Depends on what the serious biker is doing. Some serious bikers really do like the 24x3 Gazz. For example, GOATBIKE really likes the 24x3 Gazz for their bike and the style of riding some are using the bike for.

I recently phone the distrubutor here in South Africa that import nokian tyres (the same distrubutor that import magura) inquiring about the cost on maguras, i also asked about the 24x3" Guz.
they said they are out of stock, and wont be getting any more in stock.

I checked the nokian website and it seems they have sold the bicycle tyre devision tosuomityres at the end of last year, there is a distributors list on the new site.


Do Nokian know how respected their tyre is in the world of muni?

Maybe it would be worth a few muni-ists e-mailing them, posting some links etc.

From Nokians perspective, if they reckon their 24x3 Gazz tyre is perceived by the customer base as merely a poor downhill tyre, then it’s no surprise that they’ll discontinue it.

If they’re aware that there’s a (admittedly relatively small, but growing) market of muni-ists who consider the Gazz to be arguably the best tyre for their sport- then surely they’d be more inclined to continue production?

Some companies do take catering for the unicycle market seriously, an example being Coker.

I’ll make some calls today…

I called a rep at Suomi Tyres but they were gone…it was 4:15PM their time so I guess they stop working at 4 in Finland!

Called a rep at Quality and he said they had catalog notes on that item to discontinue any further orders…he and I both agree that this basically means the 24x3.0 has been discontinued. Suomi Tyres will continue to make a 24x2.6 however and that is still a pretty beefy tire compared to your average 2.6.

I’ll send the person at Suomi I tried to call this morning an email to make sure but with the calls I made this morning I am 99% sure the 24x3.0 Gazzy has been retired.

Looks like ya’ll gotta move to the Arrow WideBite like me and Jagur :smiley:

I have a 24 x 3 Gazz still for sale if someone out there wants to stash one as back up in their closet like John did. :smiley:

(PM me for price and pic.)

I just looked at and this is what they say for the 24x3 Gazz:

Re: Gazz 24x3.0" discontinued? [rumor]

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:17:43 -0600, “Erin” wrote:

>I have a 24 x 3 Gazz still for sale if someone out there wants to stash
>one as back up in their closet like John did. :smiley:

Erin, I think you should keep it as an investment, for now.

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Bedford Unicycles has the 24x3 Gazz tires in stock
Get yours before they are gone !

I have already started getting orders.
The first one was Zack Baldwin in California.

info @ bedfordunicycles . ca

My investment has moved on! The Gazz is sold, thanks for all your interest, it was lively in the PM department for a while there.