Gazz 24"x2.6 vs. other 24"x3.0 ?'s


So if the Gazz 24x3.0 is on the way out, then that leaves the Gazz 24x2.6 and other brand’s 24"x3.0s.

So, then I ask: is a Gazz 24"x2.6 as tall as some other brand’s 24"x3.0 tires? I measured the diameter of my Gazz 2.6" (with 7 months of riding on it) at 25". I don’t think the knobs have worn down that much since I started riding, because I don’t get a chance to get out that often.

Below is the list of 24" tires that Don Tai placed previously on a related thread.

Arrow Racing Widebyte 24x3.0" (American Beauty)

Halo Contra 24x3.0". Their web site sucks so badly you can hear the vaccuum even before the site fully loads. (British Beauty)

Intense DH 24x3.0" (American Beauty)

IRC Kujo DH 24x3.0" (Japanese Beauty)

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