GAZZ 19" x 3" ?

hey i was wondering if gazzalodi made a 3" for 19" rims coz i saw a pic of ryan atkins uni and it had a gazz on it so do they make a 3" x 19" or is it a 2.5" x19"?

I’ve never heard of it. Do you have the photo? A real mountain tire for 19" would be great for natural trials.

I just did a quick search on the internet and was unable to find it.

no i dont have the pic i saw it in some thread about cranks stronger than profiles and someone said hey look at these cranks ryan atkins is using and he was dropping off a small rock climbing wall and there was an after pic or the crankz and wheel.

Use the “Creepy Crawler” from Maxxis…MORE INFO . It’s a 20" x 2.5" Tire which is very light and of course crippy…


yer i no all about the creepy crawler and luna and all this but i wasnt sure if gazzalodi made 2.5 or 3" tires for 19" rims u dont hear of em much if at all!

I think that I know what picture you’re talking about. It’s from the 2004 California MUni weekend. That was a 24" wheel, not a 19" one. He was testing out the Steve Howard uni/hub. And what’s a better way to test a hub’s strength than taking a ten foot drop? He ended up bending the hub–(I only know this b/c I saw other pictures–I wasn’t at the event myself). So stronger than profile’s? Nope. Nothing is for unicycles, right now.

From what I understand the idea of the hub wasn’t to make it stronger than profiles. He made the hub from a cool type of stainless steel that’s heat-treatable. He was trying to test the strength of the material --> would it fail catasrophically? Crack? bend?

I was there, at first it seemed the hub was unharmed, except for some taco’ing and possibly frame warping. later Harper and JC saw the warping in the piccy.

Stronger than profiles is easy, that’s not where the problem is (just make a gigantic axle and gigantic diameter tubes for the cranks). The problem is manufacturing the thing in any reasonable quantity. I don’t think anyone has a shop that they can devote to making custom parts like strong uni hubs. And even if you did make a hub/crankset stronger than profiles, you’re wasting time, since the pedal spindles will then just bend left and right.

I’m slowly warming towards the idea of making m’self a hub that’s competitive with profiles in strength and weight. The problem is I’d also have to make a new frame and pedals for it in order to carry the srength through the system. A daunting task…

Making a hub stronger than profiles and then putting 9/16" pedal threads on the cranks is like having a fire hose attached to a pinhole. No matter how good the hose is, the hole at the end will be the limit.