Anyone tried one?

It was done years ago with Magic Wheel and that never seemed to take off, it is funny that five years later Australians are calling it news. I haven’t tried one.

If you took off the trainer wheel it would make a BC wheel, but other than that it looks pretty stink.

It seems like Gauswheel is Magic wheel 2, same thing new name.

These people make it look a bit more fun but it still reminds me of a wheel stolen from a wheelchair without the chair.

It’s just like an easy BC wheel to me… and it looks really stupid the way they jump with it, at least if they wouldn’t have their foot on the ground all the time it would look better. BC wheels FTW :smiley:

Yeah, jumping w/ their push foot is kind of cheating, they should just jump w/ both feet on.

I have suspitions of the wheel and frame’s strength, which is probably why they always land w/ their foot first.

Off topic: the Orbit wheel looks interesting in a similar way. If you straped you feet you could do jumps.

looks like a geeky version of freeline skates

gauswheel could be a good training platform for BC wheeing.

I don’t know what I should think about that Gauswheel thing. At first glance it looks silly and boring but… well that’s what many people think about unicycling too :astonished:



I have 2 units of demo Gauswheel for sell, anyone interested, please email me at

rdgs, Pua

Looks like it could be fun - if it was not about that silly spare wheel.
Even without the spare wheel, it would just be a BC wheel with very low point of gravity.

Looks dumb to me. Learn to do that stuff on a regular uni and it’d be cooler.

I agree. There isn’t much point to those things, and for the “tricks” they always put there foot down on the ground.

I don’t see how it’s a cross between anything - it’s just a scooter with a larger front wheel.