gauging interest in my MUni for sale...

from the top of the unicycle down.

new! KH seat

new! Kinport rail adapter

Rockport 27.2 seat post

black seat collar (similar to the one that comes on the KH Pro)

S,Howard frame (red)

new! Profile 160mm cranks (chrome)

Profile hub

DT 14g spokes

Sun Doublewide rim (24 inch,black)

Arrow Wide bite 24x3.0 (95% tread left)

no pedalsget your own

im thinking $650 any interest?

P.S. everything i sell seems to go to you Canadians (Coker,Gazz tyre,KH Trials etc.),and its great because UPS does all the paper work on international bring it on.

I’m all for you parting it out and letting me take the frame.

<puts in his first dibs>

Re: gauging interest in my MUni for sale…

Once upon a time I had a really nice Checker Marathon automobile…had never been cabbed, only one previous owner. For several reasons that made sense at the time I decided to sell it. And I did. And I’ve regretted it ever since.

Yeah you want to go faster, the 29 is cool, blah blah blah…

You own a rare and beautiful thing. Let me quote the future you when you look back on this:

“What the hell was I thinking?”

All for now from the two-cent section of the peanut gallery.


Re: gauging interest in my MUni for sale…

Yeah, and charge disgusting brokerage fees at the same time. I got charged $33.84 (CAD) for a order of $50-something USD!!! I was infuriated! There’s gotta be a better way, I tell you.


Re: Re: gauging interest in my MUni for sale…

thats going to happen with any shipper though.i have to pay my bank a $24 dollar “out of country” money order fee with sales to Canada.we all get taxed.,

any body interested in my uni?

the dibs got put in weeks ago here localy but i dont know if i will every sell just the frame since it was basicly givin to me.its better on my conscious to sell it with all the other stuff,just think about the parts being for sale and the frame is a free bonus :slight_smile:


$650 includes the shipping,unless you live in Austrialia…

In which case the overall price would be nearer $1000.

I’ll give it a miss this time.


That’s miiiiiiiiiiggghty tempting. I remember seeng the SH frame and thinking it was beautiful and I wanted it, but now I can’t remember whether it has a flat crown. That actually makes a big difference to me. And the SH frame is pretty light, too, right?

Any pictures?

I’ve been thinking about the KH24. I wasn’t planning on spending $650, but that sounds like a good deal. Count me as interested but waffling.

Just a hint when shipping from US to Canada, it is cheaper to send through the mail. The post office is exempt from a lot of those taxes since it is a government entity. I don’t know how well a UNI would travel through the mail, but it can save you $$$ on small orders. Also if it is something big, If you live near the border make friends with someone or get a mailbox at MBE(now the UPS Store) and have it delivered there, cross the border and pick it up.

That’s a pretty good price. The big draw is the Steve Howard frame. I wish I had the cash:( Someone should snap it up.

It would really be cool to have that SH Frame.

Jagur, why don’t you put in a pic of the SH frame so the newbies can see it. Might help to sell it.

Maybe if you still have it a week from now.

Man you guys it is sweet !

I love that frame ! I tried that uni in Fall City with a fiew other guys ! It is a really cool unicycle , but I don’t have enough money to buy the whole thing ! It is stronger then it looks like on the piktures , when you see it for real !

It is sweet !

Oh…now I remember where I fell in love with the Steve Howard frame. Blueshift is built around that frame:

This IS the same frame, right? Hopefully, just a smaller version for the 24" rather than 29".

Still interested. What is the trim color on the KH saddle? Hopefully its Red or Black.

to all,

the frame will be sent Ups,its to big for USPS.

yes it has a flat crown.

i dont acually have any good pics of it,i never got around to buying a digy cam yet.some of you might have seen some of the fall city pic’s but the frame wasnt very high rez.

oh the New KH seat is has the red sides.

the frame looks just like this one.


Tell me that’s not the coolest looking thing on one wheel. If the paint weren’t still drying on my Hunter, I would be all over it.

Buy it, Nick, or make him an offer. Even though I love my new Wilder, I still miss the Steve Howard MUni I tested last year and then donated to NAUCC/UNICON:


Jagur, Was your SH frame modified to be able to fit the Profile bearings? If so, that would be a good teaser. Not only is it a SH frame, but it’s a customized SH frame. Can’t get much more exclusive than that.

The SH frames like the one you have are beautiful. I got to ride one of the prototypes and I got several comments from people on the trail about the frame. I never get comments like that about my KH frame. People really do notice the SH frame.

And the color is anodized. It’s not paint. An anodized finish is usually like a $150 upgrade option on custom bikes that offer it. Tough, durable, won’t rub off like paint and looks custom. Gotta love it.

yes,the bearing holders are bored to fit the 1 5/8 or whatever Profile size.

the seat tube has been reinforced with a couple of welds underneath the fork crown too.

Well, Jagur, I guess you don’t use your email address. Can you check that or email me at my username at


i got your e-mail just now(you have been gauged),i only check it twice a day.

to all,

if anyone wants to get ahold of me,its fastest to PM me since it pops up a box in the middle of my screen instantly…i love that feature!

i also forgot to mention that i will consider trade but not for the whole thing i do need some cash out of it for the 29er fund.