Gatorade available in UK

Over the years I have read many good things on here about Gatorade, and I finally got to try some when I went to the US & Canada for Ride The Lobster. However, I haven’t been able to find it in the UK… until now!

The only two places I have seen it are Wilkinsons and Costco. Sadly Costco only had one flavour (Orange), but at least it’s available. Hopefully if it sells well they will start stocking other flavours.


Gatorade tastes like watered down Kool-Aid. Never did like the stuff.

Nah, I actually find the opposite. It’s too sweet/thick for me.

I just want mountain dew… I found a shop that sold it once but it was about £2.50 a can! My dad gets it from the airbase for like 33p!

I could get some for you for half that, plus shipping and my cut of the moneys :roll_eyes:

Generic brand I can get for 11p(ish) a liter. ($0.50 USD per 2 liter bottle)

Hmmm. You’re the first that I’ve ever heard say it was too sweet.

Gatorade isn’t too bad. Powerade tastes like watered Kool-aid to me, though.

I like Propel.

Lol…Well, I guess most people who say it’s too watery are comparing it to Pepsi or something(one of those things and my teeth feel all weird, two and I start to feel sick)

Compared to, say, apple juice…yeah, it’s sweet.

Gatorade is definitely good. It’s actually probably my favorite drink. You have to be careful though, because if you don’t get much exercise(not a problem for most unicyclists), it can be pretty bad for it. There is a lot of salt in it.

Overall, awesome.

I haven’t actually tried it, but it shouldn’t be too hard to make your own Gatorade. On the nutrition label, it should say how much sodium and how many calories are in it. From the sodium, you can figure the amount of salt, from the calories you can figure the amount of sugar, mix it up with powdered KoolAde and there you are.

To me, Gatorade is a sports drink, not ever something I drink if I haven’t been sweating a lot. And I’ve noticed, the thirstier you are, the better it tastes, unlike Coke and stuff like that.

It’s not as simple as that :roll_eyes:
Cane sugar isn’t exactly the same as what they put in it, sodium comes from more than just salt…
And there’s more in gatorade than just that.
Potassium is very important, and you need it much more than sodium, for example.

But you CAN make your own gatorade

Instant mix gatorade is the best… We can buy gatorade bottles everywhere here, but the instant mix we just found in sport shops…

It`s way better than the normal bottle…

Blech, gatorade makes my spit super thick and I just get more thirsty. I have to have it with water (which is the best way to have it anyways), but that’s more to carry.