Gasworks Park playground

The Seattle group frequently goes to Gasworks Park for trials unicycling rides. Yesterday we had five riders with trials unicycles, two Coker riders, Andy who we had never met before who brought a MUni, Pete Peron who came by just for grins, and Brian Kemper who showed up just to drop off my Coker.

I took a few videos with my new toy. The trials videos are posted here. The most interesting is the one of Sabin coasting titled “SabinCoast3Airplane” because of the conditions. There was a seaplane flying overhead because they land close by on Lake Union. Sabin was coasting with his arms out while this video was taken and the airplane engine is the background noise. The Doppler shift even worked out correctly with both the seaplane and Sabin moving away from me at the same time.

Keep in mind, these are weenie trials videos except for the ones of Sabin who is the only real rider among us. He even taught me to ride stairs backwards yesterday. That was weird.

Thanks for the pics and video Greg,

 I really enjoyed that ride. I guess we'll have to find some bigger stairsets for you to ride down:) 

-Sabin A.

the vids were kind of funny but i watched everyone of them,keep up the good work:D

I kept looking for a video titled. gregstairsbackwards.mpg, or gregsixfootdrop.mpg.

Hey, Mike, I was running the camera. Those other lazy slobs wouldn’t film me when I COMPLETED the tank line and when I DID the five set backwards. I don’t think I did any more than a three foot drop all day, but I did it twice so that counts as six feet.

where does that “seattle group” meet ( and when i guess) cuz i was looking for a group in seattle somewhere.

Send an e-mail to the subscribe address (spam removed)


We try to organize rides weekly. Next Sunday is a Coker ride for the Chilly Hilly bike ride on Bainbridge Island. We set up lots of MUni rides, trials rides, and urban Coker rides.

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If you include all the riders that showed up the cumulative age was over 300 years and cumulative uni experience had to be over 100 years.

You’d think we’d be better than that. I think Sabin is sucking all the talent out of us. Some kind of Talent Sink.

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