Garr... Don't you just hate it when...

Never underestimate the power of laziness.

Actually, I think its kind of nice sometimes to just turn off my phone and “disconnect” for a while. I don’t have to answer (to) anyone, and can just do what I want, uninterrupted. Anyone remember what life was like BEFORE cell phones? I sure do.

Reading these forums :o

yes that “cracking footage” hurt, its brused now. it seems that every time i go to town i get hurt, ill try and send the videos today. no doubt ill go to town again next week and kill myself again


Sayyy no more!


sorry, but it did and still does, like your avatar, my uni is in it too!:smiley:

Yeh, it’s kool - it in my profile pic too.

it did hurt and still does, just not as much

yes it might be hipocritical of ne but i think its really annoying when people dont answer their phone and on saturday i was the only one who didnt pull out of going to town, even you did but you chaged your mind