Garr... Don't you just hate it when...

You’ve been telling people all week that ‘‘we’re going for a ride this Saturday’’ and then at the last minute they decide they’re doing something else?! (’‘Going out’’)

Unicycling has always been my first option, but the people I ride with always seem to have something more important - like being ‘‘tired’’.

And because of this, when I was expecting to go out today in a group of 5 people, there would now only be two - however I’m trying to cancel it (but Scott wont answer his phone) :angry:

And don’t you just hate it when people have a mobile phone but never answer it?! :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning:

What do you think about this then?

and what would stop you going out for a ride?

Death would stop me from going for a ride.

Well, I hate that to.
I rather go out and ride then being in a bar or something else.
I even canceld a “date” with a girlfriend of mine to go and ride my uni at a BMX jam that I heard of last minute.
For me, unicycling is always my first option: it’s my hobby, my sport and passion.
Nothing more to do then to ride alone then, just put some music on.

Or you could always do maintenance on your uni then if a ride gets canceled.
Once in a month I dissemble my unicycle and greace and tension everything how it should be.

Peter M

Now, that’s exactly what I like to hear.

Sometimes I just get the feeling people hearts just aren’t in it.

And that’s why I have decided not to cancel it and go anyway.

Now that’s what I wanted to hear :wink:

Peter M

same happend to me
my friends and me were going to this great skate/uni spot (my friends skate and i uni)but every1 decided they couldnt be botherd 1 of them even said im not coming because ive made new plans …i mean what the hell.
and my other friends wanted to stay in because they were tired and playing
xbox live (when it was like the first great weatherd day in like a month) :angry:

Xbox live and WOW, however good people may think they are… they make me feel sick. They must have ruined so many teenagers lives… along with Runescape and all those other games people get addicted to. There’s so many people (I know quite a few) who go into school, and all they talk about is WOW, XBOX live and runescape. And then, they go home at the weekend and play it all and night. Terrible.

The weather was partly what made me still want to go today :slight_smile: .

yer the weathers great everywere today:)

and i no what you mean i hate world of war craft and runescape grrrrr :angry: i have 1 friend who i used to skate with and he used to be realy
healthy but now hes got unfit and is always tired he just goes to school then plays WOW and so on that game has recked his life.
its like some kind of drug :angry:

I say you should let people do what they want to do. We are not perfect specimens, so if want to spend the rest of their hours/days/lives playing video games instead of enjoying what i like which is unicycling, playing with my model train sets or driving this little fella. Then i will get bored fast and just sleep instead of playing computer games and so forth.

Hasn’t happened yet. :slight_smile:

yes, I do, and I’ve experienced it many times during group work in school. Gah, how annoying. Once we (our group) called a guy 39 times (or something like that), but this missing group member didn’t answer. Then we had a girl call from her mobile phone, and guess what? The person answered right away.

I once aranged to meet up with this guy who left his phone on silent in his bag (nameing no names :roll_eyes: ) I was waiting out side the woods for ages.

WHOA!!! If it was me, i would be looking for obstacles to try to take on and my mind would go absolute ape-crazy forcing to me to take on the obstacles/challenges and completely forget that i was waiting for someone. Does that make me a bad person??? :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, you are now disowned :stuck_out_tongue:

youre lucky you have people to ride with! i ride on my own 99% of the time so radio one is my only friend when it comes to unicycling haha :frowning: my work mate rides one we have the same uni but he has kids and stuff so he only rides for about 20 minutes after work which is a pain! i wish i had someone my age and lived near me to ride with. westwood on radio one is starting to piss me off on saturday nights haha.


To be honest after getting 2 of my friends into unicycling my progress has pretty much stopped (well slowed right down) - whenever i go riding with them we talk more than ride… admittedly i like catching up and talking with friends but i thrive at every chance i get to go alone (especially when i feel like riding hard)…
Just last week i got the chance to go alone - the first time i had done in a while - i learnt tyre grabs and SIF rolling hops and got more consistant at other things in one small session.
I just find it easier to ride hard when i’m alone with no-one to interrupt me.
(If you guys are reading this i dont mean anything negative by it, just that i still prefer riding alone when i feel like riding hard… maybe you need to push me to try more stuff when i’m around you?)
I say go alone - dont cancel!

if I could find someone to ride with not even death would stop me.

That’s strange, cos I find that having other people there is much more inspiring, as you can watch them do it (see if you’ll kill yourself doing it) and then do it yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

But I suppose that depends how far apart your skill levels are.

I went in the end, and I got some cracking (literally) footage of scott (1-wheeled-grape). Just wait!

On the rare occasion i get to ride with Tom (tobbogonist) i get inspired to ride harder and i love it, its just with the other 2 i ride with they are still at a total beginner stage so just kinda mess round and it doesnt really get me amped to ride too hard.

I haven’t got any friends to unicycle with around here, at least not people my age, but I do hate when people decide to cancel plans but don’t have a good reason (like the fact that they are ‘too tired’ or ‘busy doing something else[such as video games]’) I have actually canceled things with friends because I made the plans thinking the weather was going to suck, but it got better and I wanted to go ride… unicycling takes spot number one to anything… I know it shouldn’t take priority over school but I have been known to leave a class when the weather was nice(not often) and the class was boring(very often) and just unicycle for a while.

this gonna be in your video winkwinknudge**nudge