Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Watch An Awesome Gadget

I ride a Coker on and off road every day. Some rides are longer and more intense than others.

The big questions I always have is, how far and how fast am I going???

I’m not into the hard wired cycle computers or even the wireless ones mounted under the seat.

But, there is an answer!

I picked up a Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS watch. It’s completely wireless. The watch makes contact directly with the satellites. It even works off road while I am riding in the tree covered trails. It’s not too big or too ugly.


It tells me in real time how fast and what distance I’ve gone just by looking at the easy to read LCD display on my wrist.
That’s not all it does, it allows me to compete against an imaginary rider and race my previous times.
It allows you to mark points along your ride to help you navigate. It comes with software with more navigation possibilities.

Did I mention that this thing is AWESOME!!

By using a device like this it only makes riding a whole lot better.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.

Check it out.


I just got the ForeRunner 305 this week after using the 301 for the last year. The new SiRFIII models like the 205 and the 305 are such an incredible upgrade. To test, on today’s ride, I wore both units. Here are the results:

ForeRunner 305

ForeRunner 301

Dot race between the two units (IE required)

You can load these tracks straight into GoogleEarth from the links above if you have it installed. Actually this ride isn’t even that great of a test since large portions of it are out in the open, but the tree-covered areas…it’s a HUGE difference. They are so sensitive - they even work indoors (not well, but they do work).


i should see if i can get one through the bike shop i work in. i bet wholesale prices make it closer to affordable. though for gps on your wrist $267 isn’t too bad, but i’m pretty poor.