Garmin Forerunner 205/305 quick release kit

I was considering the Forerunner 205 to track my distance riding…I went to REI and tried one on. It feels huge on my wrist. For shorter distances, it would probably be OK.

Then I saw this quick release kit :

It allows the Forerunner to be mounted like a bike computer (which would be nicer for longer rides), and easily moved back to a wrist mount. The kit comes with a Velcro strap for the watch, which would make it easier to take on and off.

Has anyone tried on of these quick release kits? If so, how do you like it?


Weird that you posted this. I talked to my bike shop guru yesterday and he told me about this. I am just about to leave to go buy one. I’ll let you know how I like it. I go tit to use while Muni and cokering. But now am going to do a triathlon so had to but a road b*ke! Yikes :astonished:

You go, Jim!

I have used my 305 for over a year and I hardly even notice it while running or mountain biking/uni.

The 305 works better in wooded areas than the lower models, I have a friend that has the 105 and he loses signal in the trees.

AFAIK the 205 and 305 are the same, except the 305 does heart-rate. My 205 gets a great signal, too.

I have the garmin forerunner 405 and it is the perfect watch gps system to use. The 205 for me is way to bulky and heavy, I wear my 405 as my daily watch and it looks like a normal watch. The gps on my 205 always took about 45 seconds to connect and on the 405 it only takes 7 seconds so it has a much better and accurate signal. The only thing is is the price tag is a bit hefty at $300 a pop but definitely something to look into for the running/unicycling enthusiasts who can afford this. Oh and almost forgot to say this also has a handlebar mount available.

I have the 405 also. The others were too bulky for me. The 405 can be worn as a day to day watch if needed, and for me fits snugly over the outside of the KH glove when riding.

Signal-wise, I mainly ride under tree cover on bush trails and overall the performance of the 405 has been great.

I use a regular hand held backpackers gps called a Garmin Legend. I just put it in one of my pockets on my Camel Back. The nice thing about it is that it has maps on it. It also leaves little ant trails on the maps so I can map all my local trails. If I get lost, I just follow the ant trails back the way I came. It tells me how fast I have gone, my average speed, how long I stopped to rest, how far I went and It even helps me to drive around since it has all the streets in my state on it. I got mine used at a pawn shop pretty cheap. It uses regular AA batteries that last a long time. You can even load topographical maps on it. The only down side is that you can’t wear it on your wrist, but it has a lot more features than one of those wrist GPS.

i have the much larger forerunner 201 and i don’t mind it at all on rides.

So, it works from inside a backpack pocket? That’s pretty cool.

I too use the legend in the pocket of my backpack.

It’s great.

The only problem I have with it is that not all of the GPS programmes on my laptop will recognise it. For example, on my present laptop I can’t get memory map to uploap or download anything onto it (although it did on my old laptop), however easy GPS and can load stuff to and from it. Drives me mad!

I got the Forerunner 205. I hated the original band…it kept slipping around my arm. I bought the quick release kit which comes with a velcro band with a clip-in bracket for the 205.

I really prefer the velcro band. Once I tighten it, the band stays put. I have not used the mounting bracket that came with the kit. I prefer having the Forerunner on my arm where I can refer to it while riding.

Another nice feature of the velcro band is that it separates your arm from the back of the watch. Otherwise, if your arm gets sweaty, the sweat can get into the watch via the speaker holes, like it did for this guy :

Once it locks, it really stays locked. I can track speed/location while riding in a bus.


Just used both the velcro band and bike mount with my 305 on a triathlon this weekend. Both work perfectly and the switch was done with out wasting a second. Never liked the original band. Difficult to use with KH Pulse gloves. Definitely worth the $30.

Triathlon?!? You sick b@st@rd! How’d it go? What length? Did you uni?

Olympic distance-1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run. No uni though I thought about it. It was really a blast and beat my goal time by 26 minutes!
RTL training must have helped alot since I hadn’t done any of those activities in over 18 years!

Sorry to revive a dead-ish thread, but …

I just picked up a 305 and even with the so-called extended wristband on it–the one that comes with the unit–there’s no way it’ll fit over my wrist guards. Garmin sells a velcro wrist band that some people have said is a lot longer than the regular ones. Anyone have experience with this strap?

If the one that comes in the bike-connect kit Munivision linked to above is also long enough to wear with a wrist guard, I’d get it so I’d have some flexibility and be able to bike mount it as well as wear it.