Gárdony trials session

Hi everyone!

My new event vid from the Hungarian juggling and unicycle convention with Fabian, Krisz and others



enjoyed it !!!
Looked like a bunch of fun:D

Looks pretty cool. To bad I can’t really watch it because that video is a complete lag fest for me right now.

Dam. Anyone got the final battle???

I love your vids man

Nice riding, and video.

thanks everyone

I don’t think that anybody has the battle =/

Next time =)

on the video screen click on HD on, that will disable HD quality, it must be OK in standard quality

wow nice vid !!!:slight_smile:
was it fabian who done that sick hop SI rolling? how high was that :astonished: ?
8pallets=120cm? :astonished:

the highest jump on this contest was 118 by Mark. His record is ~135 cm

"was it fabian who done that sick hop SI rolling? how high was that? "

what time is it in the vid? I don’t really know what UR taling about :wink:

I think he meant Krisz’s jump at 3:05

I like the hopping to/from skinnies. And of course the palettes where crazy high.
Looks like a good turn out and location.

2:48 is Csaszi, Zoltan Csaszar

3:04 is Krisz, 122cm, but not on the competition

2:04: Riki, quite new rider, third place after Mark and Krisz in senior trials