Garage Sale.

Got a lot of parts/unicycles laying around that I am sick of and want to sell.
All prices are in Canadian dollars, and buyer pays for shipping.
Prices are not set in stone, so give me what you got.

Assorted Magura parts/junk. FREE to a good home.

T-shirt I made, $12 each. I have two of em. Go canada!

2006 KH24" DH with slightly bent cranks + a BRAND NEW duro wildlife tire + extra tube. $250.

2006 KH 20" Trials. Very good condition, everything is in excellent condition. $300.

VP double cage pedals + spare parts. $10.
Tuffy tire liner that prevents punctures from sharp things. $2.

Brand new pair of plastic pedals. $5.
127mm Cotterless cranks. $5
BRAND NEW KH Fusion seatbase + rear bumper and handle. $20

From the left:
Two brand new Creepy crawlers, never been ridden. $30/each, $50 for both.
Studded luna tire, great for winter riding. $10.
Balding CC, ready for shaving. FREE to a good home.

2 new profile 40mm bearings , 2 used, ($5 for both pairs)
2 brand new profile bolts + washers, two used, assorted profile spacers and a profile extractor tool all for $5.

27.2mm Thomson elite seatpost + bits, a few scratches. $40.
Brand new DT black spokes for a 20" wheel + assorted aluminum/brass nipples. $15

Bedford flames, UDC logo, and KH “If it were easy it would be called mountain biking” stickers. $1
Gold arrow head valve cap. $1
3B Single bolt clamp. $3
K1 red double seat clamp, scratched. $5

BRAND NEW 16" Monty rim. $10.

None of those magura parts would happen to be brake mount extenders for super wide rims (surly large marge) would they?

Also, what size are the shirts?

Sorry, I have no clue. They came with my maguras when I bought it off a trials biker.

How long are those spokes?

I know you said “for 20” wheel" but I would like to know in mm please.

edit: thats to bad, I was hoping for 180mm


danni! could i get a shirt and those stickers off you man?

Postal code?

If by stickers he means anything but the flames, I’d really like those…

Are you giving up unicycling or something?

You have some very nice looking deals here, if only I were in canada…

How long is the post? Its late here, so my mind is foggy on this, but is that size the size for a KH 07 Frame? Im sure it is. lol

Jerrick, since your mind is foggy, just remember that you either need a rail adapter or a Scot Wallis base if you want to ride a Thomson seatpost.

I bought one without thinking and no I’ve got it lying around, till I can get my hands on a Scot Wallis Base…

im interested on the white pedals. would you part them out?

The thomson seatpost is 27.2mm that fits the KH frames. It is 290mm long.
Now $30.

I’d definately be interested in your balding CC. And that monty rim as well. Im gonna come down for another ride here real soon. But if you were into holding onto that CC that would be awesome. I’m sure we could work out some sort of payment.

Not entirely true…

The rim is 16", not 19", just so you know.:wink: .

Ah. I must try to be a little more thorough when im reading. To hell with it, i’m goin riding:D

Daniel I PMed you, check your PMs.


Pics of the KH20 19"

As you can see, it’s in good condition!