Garage Sale V3

All prices are in CAD.

137mm Moments (2008) – $70
Ridden once, but pretty scratched up.

Nimbus (Qu-Ax) 125mm ISIS Cranks – $20
Brand new

KH Fusion Street seat cover (2007) – $5
Black/Grey. Small rip in rear.

19" Isis Wheelset – $70
ISIS Nimbus Hub (2007), KH07 19" rim 47mm wide, extra light red rim tape, 2.0mm spokes. Comes with some spare spokes. Slight bend in flange of hub. Small cracks in rim between spoke hole and drill outs (not uncommon).

20" Nimbus X freestyle '08 – $250
Comes with an extra red primo the wall tire, slightly used.The nimbus seat is slightly torn near the rear bumper on the left. Both front and rear bumpers are scratched. Otherwise in excellent condition. 300mm frame

16" Nimbus 16" Trials – $200
Comes with brand new 100mm Nimbus Venture cranks (and (brand new) plastic pedals with a high end replacement Monty rim (worth $45 new, and is brand new). Cranks/Pedals not shown in pic.

Try-all Tire – $40
Brand new
Creepy Crawler – $30
Brand new
Shaved Monty EC – $15

Evan Byrne custom 20" BC wheel – $300
EB plates, Twenty-G 20 x 3.45 Tire, Odyssey Hazard Lite rim, Odyssey Hazard hub.

Profile Ti Hub – $300
Laced but never used. In orange, 36 hole. New over $500

KH 08 frame, like new. Bearing holders in very good condition. $140

KH 08 Ti wheelset: worn monty EC, 140mm tensiles, KH 08 rim, black spokes, Grey MG1-pedals with pins removed on one side of pedals. $600

PICs for the KH stuff on demand.

do you have any cranks that would fit the hub?

What size cranks on the Nimbus X.

PM-d you about the cranks and red MG-1’s pictured but not listed.

What wheel size is your KH 08 frame? if it’s a 20" is it longneck or short neck? I might be interested if it’s a longneck… maybe if it’s a shortneck too though:p

EDIT: If Triving is not taking the MG-1’s I might also me interested in those.

Tensiles will be sold for $100CAD

The Ti wheelset will be bumped down to $450 with KH08 ti hub, rim and 14g spokes, rimstrip and used monty.

The Kh 08 frame is a 19" shortneck 08.

The freestyle cranks are 125mm quax/nimbus.

Perhaps I’ll take the Tryall tire. How much shipping to N0K 1L0, Ontario?

Actually don’t worry.

ok cool, for the frame if it’s not sold when mine will break and I dont have a job, I’ll take it… If I have a job I might get a Triton instead:)

Do you have any pictures of it though?


I’m pretty sure this is fate, I just destroyed my wheel, and this is the first thing I saw. I would LOVE that wheelset. Please please please.


Thanks for your decisiveness:p.

$140 is a bargain, they sell for $225 new.

Nimbus X is dropped down to $190

How much for the grey MG-1s alone?

I’d throw them in for free if you bought over a $100 in shit from me.:wink:

I know $140 is a bargain, that’s why I brought my KH frame from you in your other Garage Sale!:wink:

Now I want that frame even more so I can get the MG-1’s for free… I can’t decide what to do!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll take the Nimbus X if you still have it.

KH frame, moments and nimbus X are sold.

I just bought the kh/nimbus wheelset, seat cover, and shaved MEC

New / updated list: Went through my room again and found some more stuff.

160mm moments - $70
140mm tensiles - $90
KH wheelset with Ti hub - $400
Nimbus 16 isis trials uni + (new) 100mm nimbus ventures - $200
Evan Byrne BC wheel $300
Tryall - $40
CC - $30