Garage Sale V2

Following items are for sale. Pictures will be up next Saturday. Buyer pays for shipping and any additional duties/brokerage. All prices are OBO and in Canadian dollars. All this stuff is in my room collecting dust and taking needed space. I will let it go for cheap.

  • Bedford 29er. Good condition. Specs: Cotterless crank/hub, cromemoly bedford frame, cromemoly 22.2 seatpost, three bolt seat clamp, KH gel fusion (06), KH 29er rim, yellow bedford flame stickers. $190. Comes with spare innertube.

  • KH20 05 frame. Powder coated orange, minuscule scuffs here and there, but otherwise in excellent condition. $125.

  • Brand new KH street plastic seatbase. If you have a crappy ball crushing seat, consider modding your current foam to this seatbase for a more comfortable set up. $15

  • Two monty eagle claw tires balding in areas. $10 each. Perfect to be transformed into slicks.

  • Brand new KH percussion leg armor in large. $45.

  • Brand new 16" monty rim. $10

  • One pair of plastic pedals (good condition) and one pair of black metal welgo pedals (brand new). Free with any purchase over $50.

  • Thomson elite seatpost, a few scratches, no dents. Cut to 300mm. $40. Strongest seatpost on the market. Retail for $70~.

  • Mini magnutanium (145mm) cranks for profile hubs. Weighs 300 grams and is the lightest splined crankset on the market. Brand new. Retail for $160, yours for $100. Perfect upgrade to replace those old heavy cromemoly ones, or to get with a profile Ti hub. ($380 from Comes with extra profile bolts ($8 a piece new), washers, hub spacers and installation tool.

  • Pair of brand new 40mm high quality profile bearings. Free with any purchase on demand.

  • Brand new gold Koxx 19" 48mm rim with translucid orange rim tape. $50.

  • Never ridden koxx double butted white 172mm spokes. I tried to lace these to a wheel but they were too long. The nipples damaged the paint at the ends and some are ever so slightly bent from a quick installation. $15. Again, these have never been ridden and so are ready for a new build. Lightest 19" spokes on the market. Comes with silver brass nipples.

  • Brand new 19" red koxx rim tape. $5.

Discounts for anything bought together.
PM me for any serious offers. I accept paypal and cheques (must clear first). No COD.

For shipping estimates, my postal code is T2L 1W2.
Man that was a lot more stuff than I expected. Happy buying (I hope:)).

Could I see pictures of the frame?

arg… why does payday got to be so far away…

as soon as i get my paycheck next week thursday, i am going to get those cranks…

Here is a photo of the frame, since it used to be mine. It should be the same shape as in the pic, because I think it was on his shelf.


I just now noticed that one of my old posts is in your sig line, hah. (><> Unicycle For Hatred, Bigotry, and Ignorance <><)


could I have some pics on the tires,

also, do you ship to the US?

Tires, white koxx spokes, kh fusion seatbase and the gold koxx rim have been sold. Frame pending.

Again, pics will be up next saturday. Asking won’t get them up any faster, save your breath.

i’m interested in your KH20 frame…i just need to talk to my parents. is it exactly like Isaac_steiner’s picture?

I might have another KH raw frame for sale. I’ll know by tomorrow.

Magixause has dibs on the frame. If it falls through, it’s yours.

the Raw frame is the same price? same year? and could i have some picture of it? and PM me if it going to be for sale…

Put those cranks on hold for Phil!

Ill make sure he pays for them.

I can promise i am good for it… Its all a matter of payday…

I have an extra pair of Ti bolts that can go with the cranks. They are used, but around $30 new. Yours for $15 with the purchase of the cranks. I’ll throw in some cromemoly bolts and all sorts of washers. Did you want the new 40mm bearings (free)?

The orange KH frame is now up for grabs.

sure, mine are totally trashed anyway

A warning: these cranks aren’t bomb proof. Don’t do anything too harsh, and get good form. If you trash anything, then these are definately not for you. I won’t feel good letting these go to a hunk of meat that wrecks unicycles for breakfast. They do not have warranty on them.

that frame is oranga-licious

i ment my baring… but they are 4 years old


can I get a picture of the 29?

Again, since the 29" used to be mine, i’ve got a pic of it :wink:

I need the orange KH20 frame! and i’ll probably buy it, i’ll let you know when i’ll be sure. !:smiley: