Garage Sale: trial frame and KH Moment cranks

Hi everybody,

it is time for me for some winter clean-up and I have some parts that would really be better elsewhere as they aren’t used here :slight_smile:

K1 Devil trial frame + K1 double clamp + new K1 single clamp : $50 OBO

KH Moments 137-165mm barely used : $60 OBO

The prices are not including the shipping. As usual, I am open to trades too so don’t hesitate to PM me. I have also other parts laying around, the details are in the link in my signature.

And one more thing… :smiley:

I post it here to avoid starting another thread. I’m thinking about maybe selling my GoPro and I put it here more as a feeler.
Details: GoPro HD Hero 1 + Sandisk 32GB class 10 SD + 3 batteries (1 in, 1 backpac, 1 spare) + original enclosure + diving enclosure + LCD bacpac + battery bacpac + original boxes (cam, bacpacs). There is just no spare mounts.