Garage Sale Find.

I finally did it… I got a really cool garage sale find. I guess persistence
does pay off.

As I was rummage saleing/garage saleing today I spotted a bike that looked weird
and as soon as I got close I knew what it was. It is called a Super Trick Cycle.
For those who may not have heard of one it is basically a unicycle rear end with
a bicycle front wheel connected by two tubes that swivel at the front fork and
at the unicycle. You can essentially spin the front wheel around and the rear
wheel around if the cycle is picked up. I had seen a picture of one in Jack
Wiley’s book but never thought I would actually get to have one or see on. The
person who sold it to me said her boyfriend and some others from work had bought
them but no one ever learned to ride it. This one was brand new and never
ridden. I would have tried it on the spot but the tires were flat and they had
no pump. It is of course your basic Taiwan Uni, has cottered cranks, Schwinn
style pedal and a pretty rotten seat but who cares, it was new, unusual and
cheap. I know… I know…by now you are wanting to know what it cost. The
price was $15 US dollars.

I brought it home, pumped up the tires and on the second try I was off and
riding. Very unusual feeling and very easy to forget what you are doing and get
in trouble. After about 20 minutes I was riding with the wheels offset, riding
backwards, turning really tight circles and popping wheelies and spinning the
handlebars and wheel around while riding it down the street. What a blast and
the neighborhood kids loved
it. Of course I had to bring out the other uni’s a provide a show, but hay,
isn’t that why we ride, cause we love to show off.

Anyway…As soon as I can get some pictures of it I will place them on my web
page so everyone can see it. I will let you know when they are available.

Sorry all you collectors, (Mike Payne, John Foss) this one is NOT for sale. You
will have to find your own. There was a phone number and distributor label on
the frame I could get for someone if anyone is interested.

Happy … Happy … Happy!

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