Garage full of unicycles

Yesterday I visited Guy Hansen. Some of you may know him as the first unicyclist to use the 36" Coker wheel on a unicycle. Others may recognize Guy as the “guy” who routinely hand-pedals his muni (normally ending with bleeding hands).

Anyway, I had some 661 leg armor that one of his kids had loaned me. I was returning it to Guy. I also had a mini-giraffe that he built that I was also returning.

He invited me into his “garage” and started showing me some of his unicycling projects.

It was truly UNIque.

I wish I had taken a camera with me because it was unbelievable what he had there.

Here are some of the highlights.

  1. A two-wheeler that goes forward when you pedal forward. There’s one big loop of something that resembles wheelchair rubber that goes around both wheels so, unlike a traditional two-wheeler, you don’t need to pedal backwards to go forwards.

  2. An eight-foot unicycle. Not unusual? Well, except that this unicycle has a regular frame with one wheel that is made of eight rubber feet (apparently originally molded from his kids feet).

  3. A ninety-degree drive-train. This will be part of a novelty unicycle where pedaling forward drives the wheel to the left and backward moves the wheel to the right.

  4. A five-wheeled unicycle (some of you have surely seen this - he had it at NAUCC/UNICON in Washington).

  5. Multiple ultimate and impossible wheels.

  6. Many traditional unicycles: racing, muni, freestyle, giraffe, etc.

Much of what he showed me I had seen before but I was astonished when he reached into one of the cabinets and pulled out a bunch of hubs. One of them was a KH/Shclumpf - never used.

Who just has this lying around in their garage!!?? Well, apparently Guy Hansen.

His garage is like some sort of unicycle museum/machine shop that chronicles the evolution of unicycles.

I think he has more unicycles than even John Foss.

If you’re ever in the area you should look him up and ask for the tour. Just don’t tell him I sent you.

So, if you’ve read this far you’re probably wondering why I would post this. Fair question. I’m wondering what weird, crazy, expensive, rare or otherwise interesting stuff you have lying around in your (or your parents) garage/basement/closet/refrigerator.


The transfer box sounds like a Tommy Miller contraption that I’ve seen. Too bad you didn’t get a photo of the forward pedaled two stack. I’d like to have seen how that was done. Sounds something like a fan belt loop.

Mine garage include a …

two speed fixed hub giraffe.

In the rare/expensive/unused department, I have a GB4 36 frame and corresponding Tommy Miller handmade extrawide coker hub. Won’t use them, but have never gotten around to trying to sell them.

On the rare but not so expensive side, I have a 24" Fireball tire, unused and likely to remain so.

Not sure how rare it is, but I have an unridden Summit trials. A “chopper” made by Al Leiffren. 2 Rowing framed Munis (maybe not rare but uncommon).

A Rowing framed muni? Meh! I’ve got one of those currently sitting in between a Triton-Schlumpf and a UDC Red Devil Special :slight_smile: