Garage Cleanout!

Hey y’all,

My garage is overflowing with my large amount of unused parts hahaha. So I’m gonna sell em :slight_smile:

I will be sellng:

137 moments: Beat up, but still truckin: $60

Try-All Reinforced wheelset: Purchased at NAUCC 2011. Seen a trick or two, but because I’ve always had lighter wheels, it’s been looking for a good home for some time now. Could use a good truing: $115

Torker LX 24inc frame: back when the only way I could get up a curb was by riding as fast as I could and praying I wouldn’t eat it. $15

Nimbus 20" non drilled trials rim: $30

I’ll probably think of more so stay posted! :smiley:

how much for wheelset and cranks with shipping?