gapping seat out?

I have been working on gapping over a board lately and I was wondering, Is it easier to gap farther seat in, or seat out?

well, its a preference I guess. I think you should choose the one that you are the most confortable with. Personally, I started gapping seat in but when I got use hopping seat out I switched to seat out for gapping et doing a lot of other trial stuff

gaping seat out is the trials aproch and seat is more like the street aporch… thats how I see it .

either rolling hop seat in, or static hop seat out, is the best way to go.
but if you hop with your left foot forward holding the seat with your left hand, or your right foot forward holding the seat with your right hand, its a lot harder. in my not so humble opinion.

I seem to be better at gapping by either rolling hop or seat-in hop. My dominant foot/“pushing foot” (right) stays in the back, while my guiding foot (left) controls the direction of the cranks. I hold the seat with my right hand, too.

I need to work on my switch hopping (right foot in front, left in back).

I’m goofy-footed when it comes to skateboarding/surfing/wakeboarding/etc though.

sif takes a bit of practice but as soon as you get good at it… you progress really fast and it gets really usefull

Yo Squeegy! I’m just getting into trials and street and I’m learing to hop seat out aswell (practicing today actully)!

It’s not that hard to gap a long way seat in (I can do about 150cm) even with my small legs! (I weigh 8 stone).

May I mention Yoggi? Who rarely hops seat out and does seat in hops that most people wouldn’t dare without a unicycle! Like kapoute said it’s probably about personal preference although it wouldn’t hurt to get the feel of seat out hopping and see if you like it.

Am I right in saying that you mainly need seat out hopping to get height?

Until then: Rolling hops :smiley:

Hope this helps
-Andy :slight_smile:

Yeah… but Yoggi can’t bust out a 42" hop. All in all when gapping from a static start seat-out has far more potential. Once you get seat-out down well you’ll realise that seat-in is just… well… ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

In some strange way that just made my day

Nobody has mentioned seat-out rolling hops. I’ve been working on those lately with surprising success. They’re pretty fun to do.

Well in any event… when trying to pick up high-speeds (which is what you want to do before you lunge) it’s better to have the seat-in so that you don’t get all wobbly before the take-off.

The only advantage to this is when trying to clear a certain line fast or fluidly… so that you don’t have to pause and put the seat-back in.

in Defect, Zach Baldwin does a seat out 180 rolling hop on to a picnic table…it’s INSANE!!

All depends on how far your jumping…I do seat in hops for little distances but for long distances to cover i do SIF.

it doesn’t depend on how far you’re gapping when doing stuff seat-out isin’t a problem.

You just do everything seat-out.

Just face it, the only thing that seat-in is better at is skinnies and things requiring speed.

I myself find seat-in gapping much easier, my measured record is 1.8m flat gap between two sets of pallets (5 high) but im sure ive done at least 2m now.

I guess it’s a personal preference, but I find seat out quite inhibiting on my skills

I don’t own the film…yet. (But I will buy it! Probably when I order a BC wheel for my birthday)

But, I have seen several clips of Zack doing the skill. Ryan also does a sif rolling hop in the vid he posted online not too long ago.

That’s what made me want to try them. So far they’re pretty fun, and actually not that hard to learn.

I find seat in gapping much easier. But I guess if I really decide to practise seat out gapping I will probably pick it up quite easily.

I can gap 1.5 meters between my gapping bars seat in. Seat out its a little shorter.

I can agree with the “stopping to go seat in” will make you line less fluid.

seat out is good for trials… if you look at the greatest trials riders the ride seat out…

I used to be abe to do everything seat in better than seat out. Then late this summer, I finally decided to work on high SIF sidehops, and almost immediatly, all my trials riding improved when I did it seat out. Not just gapping, but my all-around trials improved when I did it SIF.

I think landings are much better SIF. You can really absorb the impact better and do more precision hops without correction hops.

i agree i’m not quite as good at SIF as seat in but i can gap/hop much more accuratly SIF. When a gap seat in i have trouble landing and staying there, i seem to have too much side ways momentum but with SIF i can lean the opposite way to the way im gapping then when i land my momentum straightens me up and i’m ready for the next hop. (for some reason i can’t do this seat in)

Now i only gap seat in if its not in a line or it has a fair bit of drop. And i use SIF for lines and drops which i can’t roll out of (i kinda rock out of the drop, like a little idle but most force gets absorbed by my knees).

i have to learn to do all my SIF one handed, at the moment i hold the seat with two hand and it is really holding me back :frowning: