Gapping help!

I’m trying to get better at gapping, and so far I can get almost 6 foot, and I really want to get 7 foot by the end of this month, but I just can’t seem to get any further. Is there a problem with my technique? Heres a vid of my 6 foot gap:

I hope you can help me out
Thanks :slight_smile:

Na man just keep on working on it. It’s just like with weight lifting or anything else, at first you start progressing very quickly…but then it becomes hard to progress small amounts. Just keep at it…you may only get 1mm per day farther which does not seem like much…but after 30 days of practice that becomes 30mm. So just keep at it.

you could tuck more, and jump at more angle once you do that, but what you’ve got looks pretty good.
6 feet is a good distance.

Oh and maybe like draw some circles or something on the ground right there where you are gapping and pretend like you are jumping from one object to another…to prepare for actually doing that. set a goal…be like i wanna make it to this line in 2 weeks. Near me there is a parking lot with manhole covers slightly elevated off the ground and I practice hopping onto those.

There’s only so far a person can gap! And gapping 6 feet from flat to flat is pretty dang good! I watched it several times though, and paused it at the very moment you landed, and it looked like it was only a little past the third square, not past the fourth square, where you had the end of the tape measuring the 6 foot mark. Just looked shorter than you measured.


Dang! I ran out of edit time. I just wanted to add that I realize that you did say “almost 6 feet”, even though your video title is “6ft gap”. Really excellent gap!

Thanks for the advice and tips, I’ll give that a shot, and I think I get what you mean about it just sort of getting closer and closer, I was really close by the end of today

Oh right lol, I don’t know how to change the titles on youtube, but yeah, Nearly 6ft gap. The second gap of the three was by far the best, that’s the one I did slow mo on

Thanks again guys, I’ll stick at it

i find with gaping that if i am actually gaping two objects like from a pallet to another pallet then i can get further because i have something to aim for.

ive been practicing rolling hop gapping and a little sif and I lay a board flat on the floor and jump over it. It seems to help me because ive added another smaler board next to it now. I think its just helpful to jump over something to get the real feel for doing it later.

It would really help if you jumped from something to another thing;)

Hi dude,

This might sound weird but listen to some of your favorite music. Get some headphones in and just chill out. Do a few practice hops, loosen up, and stretch before you ride. I never used to stretch but now I do every time I ride. Its amazing what a difference it makes.

I am a pure seat out trials rider but I found for flat gaps I could go a lot further seat in. You start at 90degrees to the direction you are going. Try facing the direction you are gapping seat in and if you are on an object, sort of hang your tyre over the edge and use that to push off from. Hard to explain, ill draw a picture.

Excuse my awesome drawing! It’ll feel proper sketchy the first time you do it, but if you put your tyre over the edge and use the vertical face to push against, you can get quite a bit further.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

untitled.bmp (710 KB)

uhh… if i do that edge-grabbing technique, i use way less than a 90* angle , more like 30 or so so that more of the tire can wrap around it, i find that it gives more spring, and is more controlled for gapping from object to object on the same level .

personal preference issue here… figure out what works for you.

What are you on about? :thinking:

i like to gap sideways, not forwards…