Gappage: 2.87

Okay, so I pinch flatted on the corner of a 2.87m flat gap (over a garden) yesterday, and am wondering if anyone has got any closer to 3m?

Just curious, i’m going to go back and clear it (on video) tomorrow once my uni gets repaired.

That’s really impressive. What size wheel were you riding?

flat gap or is there a drop involved?

rolling flat gap, and i think he rides a kh '05 20inch…

THats a great gap, well done. If you did that in long jump im sure you would win :wink:

he rides a 19" trials (05 kh frame, thompson, cf base, profiles beast)

It’s a purely flat gap, and as they said above, I ride a KH05 20" with profiles.

There’s a spot in the same garden that’s a bit longer (maybe another 5-10cm) so i’ll have a crack at that tomorrow, weather permitting.

I know that the world record (official) was 2.65m, so is there anyone out there who has got further?

eyewitness account: he would’ve made it (and then we could’ve kept riding) if he’d jumped from the edge like I told him to :stuck_out_tongue:

Moritz Hahn from Germany, Bottrop is currently holding the world record with 2.60m, and set up this record last june. Inofficial Mo also has landed 2.65m. Don’t know what he is jumping at the moment. As the years goes by, Mo has put on ~20cm every year, so don’t know what he is going now. David Weichenberger from Austria is also jumping really long with 2.55 last june (so he holds the world record for hmm 30 minutes :D).

So, well done. Pretty cool that there are others jumping longer. Go for the 3m!!!

Ride on

Cool, sounds like you will make it. Be sure to post video if you do!

Anybody know what the gap Dan Heaton did in Defect was? How far does he gap?

Damn Im gonna have to go up to welly again and try it :wink:

How big is Dan Heaton’s bench gap in Defect?

Haha yeah you should come have a look at it :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for all the support guys, I guess I have to do it now :smiley:



I can rolling hop 2m20, but on flat ground and with more than a try. So i would be way too scared to try some 2m30 gap (or even 2m10).


I dont know how big dan’s gap… but I think it looks ig cauz of camera angle… I’d say 2m tho

Haha, that’s exactly right. I mean, I can’t hype everyone up and then back out now can I?

you got a good setup for gaps… rolling hops without a CF base usually ends up in disaster and breakage for me. i have done a 8ft flat gap (243cm), but you are talking about 9’ 5’’… thats sweet dude. 10ft will be soon i guess

10ft = 305cm. Hehe imagne the stairsets you could clear with that distance

There are people on my school’s track and field team who can’t even do a long jump on(off) foot that far, ahaha.

Yeah same here, i’ve broken a ton of gear that wasn’t strong enough. Quite funny, because before the 287, my biggest gap was 225 :smiley: