okay could someone please explain to me through movies the difference between gapping and all the other type of jumps?
thanks to anyone who replys

a gap is a jump between 2 things, areas, whatever. it originated as a skating term. It’s usually used for talking about 2 raised objects with a hole in between, like the GIANT gap in the beginning of the defect trailer.

Your gap distance is the distance you can hop sideways. Pretty much just what Fuego said, I just decided to add that as well…

THread Jack!..

Is that Dan doing that ginormus gap in tha trailer, i dont know how the hell he did it!!!

I dunno who it was, i think it might have been him. I didn’t know you could go that fast on a 20"!

I think it was a combination of speed, skill, and wires like they used in the matrix to hold people up.

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AHAHA LOL!!! SCORE. My borhter used to say that about the wires back when i watched universe 1…but then i started doing all htat crap and he changed his mind, I love it when people say oyu float in the air on your uni :smiley:

sorry for my question but what does it mean when you say jumping to flat?

that means doing a gap to something that is at the same height you are startig from. gapping to something higher than where you start from requires more power, and gapping to something lower than where you start requires less power.

I thought jumping or dropping ‘to flat’ meant having a horizontal landing surface (like a road or pavement). jumping or dropping ‘to slope’ is where you land on an angle like a hill or skate ramp. You can drop further to slope than to flat since the force is distributed downwards as well as sideways as you roll out of it.


I’m pretty sure that the gap was dan heaton… It was his unicycle anyway…

WRONG! I can gap twice as for forwards. Dan Heaton can too, apperently.

Apparently. OH man, what if there was a movie of somebody doing that sidehopping?! I would do SOMETHING, but I"m not sure what… meh.

OH, yeah, well what I meant was distancewise, not upward or downwardwise. not necessarily sideways, but, yeah…same difference

oh, well, dropping to flat is doing a drop onto a flat landing surface, yeah…but the way I’ve heard it used, gapping to flat means doing a gap that’s all in one single plane, no vertical difference. I think…