gap vid on Super 29er

here is a very low rez video of me doing a gap over the bushes at the war veteran center in Salem.i pulled it the first time but of course the camera wasnt going.on the 2nd attemp you see here i get bounced off. (love that 65psi.)

gaps of this size are so much more intimadating with the bigger wheel.

video link

Very nice! Before that I’d never seen any real gapping done on a 29’er. How heavy is it?


Nice gap jagur!! your tire hardly compresses at all. Are you sure you got bounced off? From the vid it looks like you were just leaning too far forward on the landing.

Again, great job, you’re always pushing the envelope of what is possible.


Mojoe,yeah it could be that i was leaning to also could be me avoiding any toco forces,i have to land like a cat or its back to the bank manager.

A_C this attached pic sould answer your question.tell me what you think.

Nice vid, Jagur. The scale shot is even more impressive. Have you posted a photo of the uni yet?

Good way of landing a gap on a 29er - normal side-hops can lead to tyre pealing.
Leo White

no,im milking it…do you want more?

That is a cool video. Very deserving of the scale sticker.

Seeing someone hopping like that on suck a large wheel just doesn’t ‘look right’

Good job

Wow, 6.05kg! That’s very nice.