Gap unicycles/Australia

Hi everybody,

I just have a little question, I just discovered this website, and I was wondering if it is know in Australia.

If you know this unicycles dealer, please tell me what do you think about him, and I would like to know if a lot of Australian people buy there unicycle on this website.

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yes i do know this guy, he’s great.

i bought my first unicycle off him (24" Nimbus II muni) and was very happy with my purchase. i have also bought some uni parts and his service is fantastic.

i’m not sure if he would ship to france however.

also, he is Gap Cycles, and i live in the Gap, which is the same suburb!

And, when did you buy him your uni??

Do you know if he still sell unicycles?

Thanks to have answer me so quickly!


PS : Don’t worry, it is not in order to buy from France :smiley:

i bought my uni off him just over a year ago.

yes he still sells them, he recently opened up a store for unis.

he hosted a unicycle weekend a few months ago, and as a prize was a brand new KH 07 trials unicycle.

Ok, thank you very much for these informations!

Have a good day


monotim why u so interested in unicycle dealers? It sounds as though ur trying to set one up…

Most Australians buy stuff of the australian

Personally I’m not a fan. Mainly because the website is poorly made and never updated.

I think it would be awesome if there was a new unicycle dealer in Australia. One selling Koxx. If that is your intention.

And the speculation begins:

Suggestion number one: He’s moving to Australia.

larl. H

It sounds like he is doing availability research and the pros and cons of places that sell unicycles.

i am speculating a new place to buy unicycles?

his website is updated rarely so most of the time you have to call him up and see if he has any instock. i got a KH 24 of him a few months ago. then a few weeks later he sent me a $300 magura brake free in the mail. im happy:D

I bought a beginners GP trials uni of him around this time last year. The crank snapped off after two months of riding. I sent back the wheel to get repaired and he sent back an entire wheelset. New tire and all at no costs. So I would say he takes very good care of his customers.

just you wait Luke. if you go to the kidmuni link in my sig, you’ll see that they sell uni’s in aust. not very good ones at the mo. but theyre think of selling koxxes on there

I saw the unis, but they just sell basic unis, don’t they?

Are you sure they wan’t to selle Koxx-One unicycles?? Because they are much more expensive than their beginner 20" I guess…

Thanks for all your answers!


well we were talking about it, so you never know, there could be K1 for sale on an aussie site.