[games]explain uni quidditch?

can someone explain the rules go for quidditch, unicycle variant? i’ve already learned australian indoor rules and am itching for more :stuck_out_tongue:

The rules can be viewed at: http://www.uk.unicyclist.com/quidditchrules/rules.html

I had a hell of a time playing the one and only quidditch game at UNICON. Hell, I’d consider driving up to NY if you got a game together.

yea, so uhh, can someone just delete this thread so nobody sees my sheer idiocy/laziness/reliance-on-this-forum?

i am organizing the Juggle-In at RIT in the spring, not sure, but i bet since i have an itching to play there will be a definite possibility of this…but thats still a long time away…

I’m just going to pretend you never asked