Game Street New Video

Hey !!

that my new video filmed during my summer holidays

  Hope you enjoyed !

Awesome video man. I love the flips. Nice mix of some flatland, and street. Really enjoyed this video since i’ve never heard of you before than you come out with this high of skill in your video. VERY impressive.

-Shaun Johanneson

woooooo nice video. Very very good first post

Nice, very nice. I thought that there couldn´t be anymore of this kind of “pro-unicyclists” that anyone hasn´t heard of :slight_smile: . Waiting forward for another film since this one went straight to the top 5 films ever.

Damn that was a sweet video. I thought people were just being nice cause it was your first post. I loved the hopping on wheel flips you were doing. Is that another shaved try-all tire? Like the one Xavier uses?

This video is really good. Where abouts are you from? I guess its in France somewhere…

I love the hop on tyre flips, really nice.


Sweet video dude. This goes to show there are some insanly good riders out there that no one knows about.


Yes my uniclycle is the same that xavier used because he sold it to me !

and I come from france near Paris !

thanks for your remarks

 Bye Arthur C.

Awsome vid!! That was a nice movie for your first post. Heck, that was a great video regardless of posts. That was funny when that kid stopped on his bike and was watching and then his mom came and pushed him forward!:smiley: :smiley:
Nice job!

cool vid ! and an extremely cool unicycle !

sweet video man.


holy crap. how long have you been riding

edit: nice video by the way

Hey Arthur,

:sunglasses: It seems you’ve learnt some intersting skills riding with me.

Great vid.

J’espère qu’on se fera d’autres bonnes séssions ce mois-ci. Mon mono à l’air de survivre.


Great video nice job with the flips

Great vid man. Those hopping on tire variations were swell, nice flatland stuff. And that crank stall to crank stall was awesome, I’d only seen dan heaton do that. How long have you been riding?

Great vid man, i wanna see more of them.

It’s funny how you attract a crowd in that park, and then the mum doesn’t like her son (lil tricycle dude) watching.

that was an awesome vid! i also want to see more of them.

how come there are heaps of good riders in France? i mean you Freach guys really know how to uni!


I started uni Trial in March 2005 and I knew Crank Flip 3 month ago in a shauns ’ vid !

Bye !!