[Game] Combo Stack It Up

At the moment there are many games out there but i think one important is missing:D:

Combo Stack it up

A little explication:

Player 1 sets a trick for example: wrap walk
Player 2 has to do wrap walk and another trick after wrap walk
It has to be a combo
Hop on wheel is allowed
You are allowed to add a trick at the beginning and at the end

So let’s start!!


who will add the first trick?

i just filmed wrap walk

is it ok if i add 90 180 wrap roll or are this too much tricks?

2nd trick? :roll_eyes:

oh i didn´t saw the second trick

mine is uploading i did a 270 90 before the wraproll

with hops?

http://vimeo.com/4574642 yes with hops because i have to change my hand positioning and i need hops for that

Wasn’t this done a little while back?

but it´s not the same here all must be in a combo and there must be all tricks in one video:)

ich hab weiter gemacht :slight_smile:

I continued …
here the vid

who is going on now ? :slight_smile:

i can try it today

i want to do the next trick please

then do it :smiley: does somebody wants to go on at the biu roll?^^


did you add 90 or 180 to backroll?

i think you can do both;)

ill combo that unless someone else beats me too it