[Game] Back It Up Medium!

Hey Guys!

Thanks to AgentQ a while ago we started some games online. He made a nice vimeo channel and it runned well for sometime.

Now there are more riders improving and we are not able to have a channel (I think that Sam is busy with other activties and can’t just check the channel every hour). Since people will back it up really fast and we have more medium riders, I’m creating a thread for the game, like people have on FFM.

Back It Up is a simple game! Example:

Someone do a trick on film. The game started!

Now to enter the game I call DIBS on that person and I have to film that trick and a new trick!

The next person call dibs on me and do the trick I added and a new one…

The game is easy. For the complete rules check here

This is a medium game so don’t do too hard or easy tricks!

The game will begin from where we stoped! I posted this:

Elib already called dibs and will upload soon! So let’s wait his post!

Let the game begin!


uhhh… dibs but it’ll be suckish quality!!! so 2 hours then it’s someone elses sorry if i don’t get it up in time.

uploading as we speak!!! first not good graphics or editing cause my computer and camera are low quality but yeah there ya go!!


i dono how to embed it but yeah i barely made it!!!

messed up on the title 270-180-270

90 unsipin was suposed to be 1 footed, not sure if it matters. I probably will back up yours tomorow if no one else does.

I guess it doesn’t matter that it was not one footed, although having two feet does make it a lot easier.

really?? Elib’s wasn’t was it??

how do you embed a video by the way??

sorry had no idea.

who cares, I got dibs, I did stuff, I just have to edit now, so DIBS!

haha ok but like someone else said in the other thread we should keep the flat tricks to a minimum i dono im just not that great at flat.

i dono i guess it’ll push me.

yeah it was. to embed a video, give a link straight to the vid, not to your channel or w/e. it doesn’t matter about the one footed thing.

alright thanks!!

no prob.

shoot, powerdirector isn’t letting me import the clips, even though it usually does. So un-dibs:(.

edit: wait I’m going to try and upload them straight to youtube, as part 1 and 2

part 1


part 2: late 3 spin (don’t mind the bails after the trick:D)


That didn’t look late to me. Is a unispin late if the unicycle is spun late even if your feet come off early? Maybe late unispin tricks should be left out of back it up coz they’re just too hard to judge.

This is how most people do late spins.

Can i call dibs again, even though I already Played??? :thinking:

Im a little bummed I cant just go on vimeo and check what the trick is.