Anyone know when the gallery is going to be open?


It’s now back up, on a new server which will isolate it from the server these forums are on and therefore keep this server from crashing. If you experience any problems on this server, such as it being unreachable, please let me know. The server the gallery is on may still have issues though, but I have upgraded to the latest version of the gallery software (which was released a few days ago) and I will probably add some caching to speed up the delivery of some of the resource intensive pages (such as the root index page).

Thank you.


Thanks a lot Gilby.


yeah, thanks alot, gilby. I think a lot of peoples (me included) lives would fall apart without RSU and I regret not thanking you more often, and not just when things are not working then get fixed. What you do is awesome…and all you nice spam removers are awesome too! Keep it up!

-erik ~forum junkie

Thanks for all you do gilby! I’m uploading some pics now.

I love how Gallery Remote is built into the uploading button thing now. Very handy. Unfortunately it seems like Gallery Remote doesn’t accept .wmv files. I’ve got a 5MB video of the Australian MUni Weekend that I’m trying to upload. When I use the ‘Form’ tab to upload it (which looks like the only way for this particular file) it has the usual two windows but one of them says ‘Action Cancelled’ and the other with the little uploading picture just puts away as it usually does but nothing happens. This computer has broadband and I’ve left it ‘uploading’ for about 20 minutes now.

Is there anything I can do to get this file into my muni weekend album?

Thanks a lot,

I like the remote but it doesn’t want to take my avi files.

There was a configuration error on the server which limited the upload to a half MB. This made it where that one “File upload in progress!” window would stay up forever and the other would say “action cancelled” because the server just closed the connection (or in the gallary remote, you’d get a HTTP 413 error). In any case I removed the “LimitRequestBody” setting and the maximum file size is set to 200 MB right now. After making this config change, I successfully uploaded a 5 MB wmv file. So, those that had troubles tonight, try it again and let me know if you have any other problems.

Thanks a lot Gilby. I’m now in the process of successfully uploading the video using Gallery Remote (which I love :)) and doing so at 15kB/s which is much faster than I used to get when uploading to the gallery.

If anyone wants to see the footage from the Australian MUni Weekend it’s at .

Thanks a lot,

HOLY CRAP! That kid (kevin?) was awesome on the orange jugglebug-like uni with the plastic mag ‘spokes’! OMG! Is his uni still alive and functioning after all that?

Andrew, getting across most of the log and the stair set backwards were great! (i assume those were you). Thanks for sharing!

The full screen slideshow is interesting. I’m not sure how it will be for lower res pics. =/

Yes, we were all really amazed by Kevin’s riding. He was so gutsy too. Never worried about the various ways he might hurt himself. His uni, believe it or not, is still functioning perfectly well after all those drops. He’s pretty light though.

I was a bit disappointed at not making all of the log. There’s something so unsatisfying about not quite fully completing a line. The stairs were really fun. I’m going to work on backwards stair riding a bit. I want to be able to ride set of 20 or so backwards which really shouldn’t be too much different with a bit of practise.

It’s disappointing that with Windows Movie Maker 2 you can only capture low-res pictures from the video footage.


Is anyone else still having trouble with the gallery? When I try to access a video a bunch of weird symbols, and question marks come up. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I just screwed up.


Try to right-click the video icon and “save target as…” or “save as…”, then save the video someplace on your computer and watch it when it is done downloading. You might just be seeing what the computer usually sees. :wink:

The server was sending the wrong mime-type to the web browser which caused this problem in some web browsers. It’s now correct for the .wmv files.

The new gallery is working great. Do you need a new round of fund raising (donations) to cover the costs for the additional server? does currently operate at a loss, so donations are appreciated.

please help me…
see this thread, as it is already on there…



I like to keep my gallery organized with the most recent nested gallery first. But every time I try to move a nested gallery, the popup box comes up and doesn’t load. Also, is there some way of having the newest nested gallery automatically be the first in it’s parent’s screen? Do I make any sense at all? If I don’t, I blame it on the 50k Uni ride today.


Daniel, I think I had the same problem, but it was just s u p e r s l o w in loading. I kept thinking it was broken, and discontinuing or hitting the back arrow or something else before it was done loading. It takes several minutes for the full screen of all the Move choices to come up, even though it appears to come up right away, the screen is incomplete.

I know that doesn’t make much sense. Try to let it load, and go make a sandwich or something, then see if there is more functionality when you get back. You should be able to switch the order of nested albums…the functionality is absolutely there.