I just finished making a movie, and I was wondering why the gallery won’t let me upload it. I think it might be too big, but then I have seen files over 100 MB in the gallery. And mine is only 50 MB.
Every time I try, the little pop up window appears with the arrows and everything, but the big pop up window says Cannot Find Server. But then I try uploading a smaller file, and it works perfectly.
Is there a size limit, even though some files in the gallery are larger than mine?

Also, how do I make it so that people can post comments on the pictures? Only one of my pics has that, and I don’t know how to make the other ones. Was I supposed to click something when I uploaded it?

There is a size limit. You need to ask Gilby for more.

The “add comment” link comes up after you click on the thumbnail to view the pic.