Gallery Troubles....

yo all!

I have been using now for over 1 year (i think) but one thing i never use is the email. Now a want to use the email, but it wont let me!

Please help!

When i log in… i am greeted with this (like everyone…)


my options look like this…


When i put my mouse over ‘check email’ it sows this in the status bar…


When i click on ‘checl email’ it comes up with…


even when i am sign on and everything!

It also does the same if the ‘Forward all mail to secondard email address’ is not ticked!

Please help!



PS… sorry i tryed putting the pics in… but it wouldnt work! Just use the links!

i had that, it happened with everything, e-mail nad web hosting and the gallery, so i mailed gilby and he sorted it.

It should now work for you.