gallery question

as with albums, where it is possible to highlight a picture as the icon, can i replace the picture of the video camera for movies with another picture?

I know it’s off topic, but I too would like to know if there’s a way to do this. I already read the FAQ and didn’t find it in there…

I kinda stumbled on this by mistake. You just need to upload a picture with the same name (before the .extension) as the movie that you want to make pretty.


you have ‘wheelwalk.avi’ movie in your album

now just upload ‘wheelwalk.jpg’ to the same album

Yell at me if that didnt make sense haha. -erik:)

PS Has anyone found a way to change filenames of objects already in your gallery?

Yep, it works!

haha, i love it frank!

Sweet! I’ve got some gallery updating to do.