Gallery Problems

I am having alot of problems with the gallery. I just changed the URL of my gallery and then it completely disappeared off the list. I can still get to it by typing the url but you cant see it by just going to the gallery. Also, I wanted to move some pictures so open up the window to move them then select the ones i want to move and try to pick where i want to move them to but when i click to menu thing, it doesnt say any choices and there are more albums in the gallery, it used to work and i dont think i changed anything, then i dont know what to do to make it go, there is no place to push ok and enter doesnt work. Either the gallery has some problems or i do and im not sure which it is:D Can someone help me?

That is strange, google says its on the first page, but its not there.
Can you see the gallery when you are logged in?

No, i have to type the url

Your gallery is on the last page (page 76)
That’s a good spot because it will be easy for you to find it again there.

The feature in the gallery to move pictures from one album to another does not work. Don’t waste your time trying to get it to work because it won’t. If you want to move something to a different gallery you will need to upload it to the new location and then delete it from the old location.

Gilby is working on moving to an updated version of the gallery software. When that happens I’m hoping that the new version works better. There is lots of stuff in the current version of the gallery that isn’t working.

Thank you, mine isnt the only recent one there, so does it just move it to the end when you change something? :thinking:

It won’t move like that by itself. You probably did it while experimenting with the different options to move things in your album around.

The actual feature that moved your album is the reorder option.

Go to the gallery:
Lot in
Navigate to the page with your album
You’ll see an option to reorder album
If you reorder it to be #1 it will be the first album on the first page. If you reorder it to the last item it will be the last album on the last page.

Ey, John. Wanna help me find mine?

It’d be pretty handy to know what page mine is on, But I’d put it on a page where I’d remeber it.