Gallery problems

So, I’m setting up my gallery, and I’m having issues.

I’m uploading my movie, it takes a while, and when it finally uploads, it says something to the tune of "we can’t resize your movie, so screw you. "

It’s a 10 mb mpeg 4, at 720 by whatever pixels.

Is this just too big, or what? it says at the top of the pag that it supports .mp4, which is what it is…

after uploading, i get an image in the gallery, but after I click on it, it tells me there’s no such thing.

it says it supports mpg4 but it doesnt for me either so just save it as a mov. file and then upload it.:smiley:

ok, I’ll try that.

tell me if it works


I exported as a .mov, and when I did, it ended up being 50 mb.

It was 10 as a mpeg 4.


k make the size of the movie screen smaller chsnge fram per second to 15 and it should be smaller

well, size is at 320 x 240, about as low as I want to go. and, it’s at 15 fps.

I’m trying .avi

figure it out yet