Gallery Problems?

Is anyone having problems with the “move photos” or “Rebuild Thumbnails” options in the gallery?

I’m having trouble uploading videos to the gallery. Maybe its because they’re quite large (30MB)…

Move photos hasn’t worked for me. When I reorganized my Japanese Freestyle gallery I had to delete the videos from the old location and them re-upload them to the new location. I couldn’t get the move feature to work.

I didn’t notice anything odd with the rebuild thumbnails feature. It seemed to be working, but I didn’t do a complete QA analysis of that feature. Maybe your browser is continuing to grab the old thumbnails from your cache rather than grabbing the updated (or rebuilt) thumbnails. Try forcing your browser to do a refresh.

to move my pic’s in an album i had to hit “re-order photo” or somthing like that.the move option dont werk like it once did but the “re-order photo” option does it.

this option is under the pic’s.

Ditto. :frowning:

The transfer goes through fine (~35meg .wmv file) and it creates the movie thumbnail, etc. but the resulting link doesn’t work.

Has anyone figured out a work-around?

i have had trouble with the search

I have had problems changing the title on my newer nested galleries. The new title changes in the address as it should, but in the gallery, it still shows “Untitled”. The above mentioned issues are more important though.

It’s actually two separate processes. The “Rename Album” function is what changes the address (URL). The “Edit Title” feature is what changes the title you see under the picture (which is “Untitled” by default).