Gallery of Unicycling Videos

Since there is a gallery for almost everything else… I decided that having one for unicycling videos would be a good idea. Everyone is comming up with short ‘movies’ of their riding, so why not put all of them in one easy to find thread? If you have any videos or links to videos, post it! I know that I’m always interested in the videos that people post, so give us what you’ve got! :slight_smile:

see the gallery button at the top of this page? there’s a good place to start :wink:

One of the best sources fot the better current videos available is Univideo selection -=- Matayo.

first one nothing too good. my 2nd one that i just finished is better. (i still need help getting it into my gallery- anyone?)
chose N

you just add it the same way as a picture (im assuming). Do you have a gallery set up? If not you can send it to me and ill upload it in mine.

this is the link to my new video. it plays on neptune. com which isnt compatible for everyone. if yuo can get it into your gallery or the free4all gallery then i can use its properties and get it into my gallery. when i try to upload it from teh neptunes site, when i push find file, it never comes up. its so confusing

okay i uploaded it into my gallery. Just use the link in my sig and then save it to your comp and re upload it into yours.

It’s actually a good idea, even if it was a double post, one here for the anouncement, the other one for comments and reactions. It sure would make my life easier :slight_smile:

This is just a reminder for all of your unicycling videos that you can post them in this thread to create an easy access “Gallery of Unicycling Videos”. Although many of you are posting them in the RSU as stand alones, please also add them here.


Wee, check out

Send in your videos! The webmasters plan rating and comments, this will be wonderful. And even if not everybody is making it to the UNICON, you can see the LiveStream, if everything works well.

Yes it seems to be a little bit simmilar to our project. Maybe we should talk about. We ( are still working together with (another unicycle TV for podcaster) and we also work together with (another source of 2600 Video Clips of Tricks and mounts) Cause we want to make it more easy for the customer to acces unicyle Videos.
Your page is also good but did you got the legal permission from all those Videos to stream them or did you collect them by yourself ?
How ever, from my opinion it makes no sense to make several new Video Plattforms. People maybe won’t like it.
Maybe you could imagine to be a part of us, we still need some people from the US so think about.